Who pays the Bank’s mistakes on fire insurance?

Who pay the Bank's mistakes on fire insurance

Who pays the bank’s mistakes on fire insurance?

Do you have fire insurance on your home? If a fire occurs, who pays the bank’s mistakes on fire insurance?

Who pays the bank's mistakes on fire insurance?

Generally speaking, the working class will always dream to have a roof over their heads. In order to archive the goal, they toil hard from dawn to sunset. In fact, some even do moonlight on several jobs in a day. They save every single penny to purchase their 1st home. They called the modern Zombie living merely eat and sleep. In the same manner, they come out to face the sunshine when they save enough to make the 10% or even 30% down payment for their dream property. Are they happy? Please read on.

Insured’s Call when the bank’s mistakes on fire Insurance

“Mr. Jamin, how come your insurer sent my fire insurance policy to the old address? The building had already demolished.” my relative called me during a fine morning after having my morning 10.00 break.

“Let me check first, I shall call you later.”

“What is the policy number you are referring to? I asked her.

“I do not have such a policy number, could it be you taking a loan from a bank. It arranged the fire insurance on your behalf.”

Yes, it is correct the bank already auto debit my account for the past 3 years on this shophouse.” she answered me with a soft tone.

I was on my way back home on a routine visit to the hospital. I dropped by to read their policy, shocking to find out that the bank for the 3 years making the same imbecile mistake.

Classification of Risk On Fire Insurance by the Bank

Who pays the Bank’s mistakes on fire insurance?

As per attachment here, the policy stating the building is vacant and occupied also the sum insured. But, in fact, it occupied as a shop doing retaining business. Dear readers, let us ponder how could such an inexcusable error made by the bank?

Again, which risk is higher? Is it the vacant shop house or retailer? The answer is crystal clear the retailing business attracts many customers, thus the higher the risk compared with the unoccupied building.

In actual fact, for the vacant risk, the insured pays a lesser premium, higher premium for the retailer shop house. Occurring of fire razed the building to ash, will the insurer pay? The Principle of Utmost good faith shall apply to whom. Is the bank or the insured? In the final analysis, the insurer would deny such a claim.

Insurable Interest On House Fire Insurance

Who pays the Bank's mistakes on fire insurance?
Who pays the Bank’s mistakes on fire insurance?

In brief, Malaysia is a unique country with a different rule and regulation. Thus, the local bank also operated a subsidiary composite insurance to insured its risk. In this scenario, as if the bank taking out the money from the right pocket and transfer to its left pocket. It could be a general or life insurance. Despite the Bank Negara Malaysia gave warning to the bank stating it could not force the borrower to buy fire insurance with them. Nevertheless, it has fallen to a deaf ear, either the bank is greedy to make an excess profit out from the borrower or the insured is very ignorant.

In the same token do bank has any insurable interest in the building when giving out housing loan? Does the bank suffer any financial loss without the building? Absolutely not, the bank suffers loss in the event of borrower default payment. Even the building raze to the ground, the bank suffers no loss as long as you keep paying the loan repayment.

Creditor Insurance for the Borrower

Who pays the Bank's mistakes on fire insurance?
Who pays the Bank’s mistakes on fire insurance?

The insured is still continuing paying the installment even without the existence of the building. The bank providing the credit to the borrower, the bank should issue the creditor’s insurance to the borrower. In the event, the borrower passed away, the bank would suffer the financial loss, as it has insurance interest on the loan amount, not on the building.


The Malaysian ringgit has depreciated against the US dollars about 30-35% coupling with 6% of SST implemented on 1st September 2018. It was inadequate to cover the building that brought from the developer in 2014. The purchase price was RM350 000.00 and the loan amount was RM244 000.00. In 2017, the bank still insured the same amount as before without any upward adjustment. No inflation for the past 3 years in Malaysia? Even the kid knows the answer. When a claim occurs, the average rule of the insurance law would apply. People would say insurer always conned the insured. To sum up, who is the culprit for this mishap?

For the benefit of the layman, it means that if you insured your property of RM500K less the land price of RM 100K from the developer. In fact, the Material cost has risen to a total of 30% over a span of 5 years period. In the event of a claim on total or partial loss of the building, the insurer pays for the 70% final settlement, you absorbed the balance of 30% as your act as own insurer.

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Why Life Insurance, Prospect Avoid you like Plague?

Why Life Insurance, Prospect Avoid you like Plague?

Why Life Insurance, Prospect Avoid you like Plague?

Why buy Life Insurance, Prospect Avoid you like Plague at all cost. Regrettably, the Malaysian life insurance penetration is merely 56% of the total population in 2016. It implied that the balance 44% of the citizen have no life insurance. Or it could be ignorance or let fate decide your destiny. The worst scenario could be an inborn defect, the underwriter rejects their application. Why we have such a pathetic scenario? Blame the pyramid, the insurer, agent and the assured. Sadly to say, all the three bear their share of responsibility.

Not only, had no insurance but also sometimes the insured have the sum insured purchased inadequately. Usually, the average amount is about RM100, 000.00 to RM150, 000.00. With this meager sum, can it feed your beloved one or dependent for 5 or 10 years if one day you forget to return home? In fact, the adequately amount varied between urban or rural living plus also the working spouse or children. Nevertheless, the meager sum insured is hardly enough to last for a year living in the city. Like rubbing salt to the wound, can we survive with 2 or 3 kids in toll for a single parent?

Why Buy Life Insurance.Why Life Insurance, Prospect Avoid you like Plague?

Is it the responsibility of a parent to take care of the children’s welfare when one demises? Very often, we heard the sobbing story of cool-blooded landlord eradicated single parents out from their rental home. Subsequently, like adding fuel to fire, the bank publicly auctions off the roof over their head if you default for 6 months payment. In true fact, the bank often shuts off the umbrella when you don’t have life insurance or MRTA to cover the loan tenure.

The Kid suffer without life insurance left by parent

By the same token, the innocent child is also the victim when one parent remarried. Stepparent often preys on the defenseless kid. Recently, a newspaper reported rape, physically tortured with multiple cut and bruises and old wounds over the emaciated kid body. The police rescued a retarded boy from the evil mother. The shocking reason given, chained the boy like a dog in a small cage preventing him from strolled out. Can your soul be rest in peace if someone does to your child? Unless you are heartless, no human can bear to see the suffering of abusive and inhumane tortured. Even the beast-like tiger does not devour on the offspring.

Why Life Insurance, Prospect Avoid you like Plague?

Expensive to have life insurance policy

In the ever-burgeoning budget of a newly married couple with a kid, indeed life insurance is a luxury item. Coupling with the car loan, parking, fuel and maintenance, insurance and road tax eat up a chunk of their salary each month. Moreover, there is the student loan, housing repayment, utility bill, an emergency fund like a kid doctor bill and a love gift to aged parents. Luckily, if they could have a break-even or a blessing to have a tiny disposal income left for saving. With a tight budget, any extra is beyond their mean and classified as a “luxurious” item like buying life insurance.

Get the Qualified Agent

Needless to say, it is advisable for such a young family to have affordable term life insurance. In fact, it cost merely a daily high tea at a local café. Contradict to the agent not to buy term but investment or whole life policy. If the agent insists on all sorts of reasons, it is time to kiss the agent forever goodbye. Why? As a matter of fact, the agent only bothers their fat commission, not your pocket. What is the chance of a lapsed policy in the due course? Thus the result is about 60%.

In the same manner, if you could afford, what is your opinion you prefer pricey life insurance compared with a bedridden spouse or kid at home to maintain? Death is an instant relief, but the loved ones have undergone lifelong grief. So why turn yourself an irresponsible parent? You could be curse subsequently by those still alive struggling to meet day end need?

I lead a healthy lifestyle, No Need Life Insurance.

Why Life Insurance, Prospect Avoid you like Plague?

Nowadays, insurance agent always complaint is difficult to close a sale with the young and active people. The yuppie leads a healthy lifestyle to visit the gym 5 days a week after work. Likewise, they eat the meal moderately due to health and the utmost important tight budget. How far is that true? We puzzle? Eat junk food like instant noodles with enhanced favor, fry egg and soft drink instead of mineral water or fruit juice? Surprisingly, the diabetics and hypertension suffer gradually knocking at their door.

Therefore, closely examined, the Malaysian demographic depicted young suffer from 30+, which was unknown in the last century. Honestly speaking, how many Malaysians have their yearly completed medical checkup? Toast off to you, if you have a clean report, otherwise, you are an insurable or substandard risk with premium loading.

Why Life Insurance, Prospect Avoid you like Plague?

Life Insurance Cover for Money Printing Machine
Why Life Insurance, Prospect Avoid you like Plague?
Printing US dollar banknotes (100 dollar bill sheet).

An unpredictable human being, in order to understand insurance, might take ages. They insured their movable assets like an automobile, exclusive motorcycle, extensive renovation home, camera, and household contents.

Surprisingly, they insured even pets for fury animals including the kernel, but no insurance for themselves. Rampantly road accidents and armed robbery daily affair, they often pray hard nothing would befall on them. Moreover, no one can predict when you are imminently sick or bedridden or walk on the clutches. Yet, there is no insurance to cover for the machine that prints money for you, that is your body. Gradually, overuse due to wear and tear a machinery breakdown; likewise, it is the same for your body. Consequently, a fatality occurs or lying motionlessly on the hospital bed.

Negative Perceptions

Crowded coffee kiosk, two middle-aged customers sat in between a young man, an insurance agent.

“I lament you not buy any insurance as my neighbor’s son hospitalization for a week in a private hospital, the insurer denied his claim”
“Why” another probed further.
“I do not know the reason for the rejection, initially the agent helped to claim, eventually the agent also unreachable “
“Yes, truly say, the agent and the insurer are the legal license conmen, promise you the sky, finally you get a barren hope.”

“Sorry, young man, I need to consult my spouse before making the decision from buying your investment-linked proposal” Another elderly prospect consoled the dynamic agent.

“Yes, it is alright to reconsider about it, please don’t hesitate to call me for any doubt clarifications” the agent replies politely.

Thus one rejected claim would eventually rumor spreading fast like wildfire.

The truth reveals

Occasionally, the half-baked agent would request the assured to sign on the dotted line without filling the medical history. In order to get prompt approval, the agent ticked all NO in the column even though assured mentioned has hypertension and on long-term medication. Whose fault? It is the Assured himself as he does not know anything when he blindly signed the dotted line on the proposal form. The former kleptocrat Prime Minister Najib Razak is a shining example.

Assured’s moral hazard

I did help to claim a case rejected by the insurer. Finally, to my dismay, I obtained a hospital report that assured did a kidney stone removal in a government hospital. When asked by the agent any operation done in the past. He negatively answered NO. Consequently, the insurer denied its liability for his claim on kidney dialysis.

Another case on hypertension question, nevertheless, assured answered negatively despite the fact of having daily oral medication. Eventually, the claim often denied by the insurer when a claim on stroke or kidney failure on the later stage.

Why Life Insurance, Prospect Avoid you like Plague?

Utmost good faith on Life Insurance

Utmost good faith is one of 4 principles governed by the rule of the insurance law. It is a legal binding between the assured and insurer when entered into an insurance contract. The assured disclose all the relevant material facts to the prudent underwriter in determining to reject or accept the offer. Whether the assured know or unaware of the health condition, you need to disclose to the insurer. So, sincere advice bares all the facts to the insurer to avoid future disputes on claim matter.

No Dependent

Generally speaking, couldn’t care less is the altitude of most of the y generation. Chase after the latest trendy iPhone gadget every six months. Moreover, priority on holiday, pay later for the credit card payment. Buy Life insurance? Why need it, I have no dependent is a tangentially reply? Single with no string attached, without any family commitment, no parent, no sibling, living on own world, why care! Having said that, what about your final funeral expense consequently let the government take care of burial, or leave the corpse to decay on the road or hospital? Perhaps, perform a unique Tibetan “sky burial” let the eagle devour on your corpse.

Notwithstanding, if you have a grey hair retired parent, it isn’t a double pain for them. Losing one child, and the final expenses, ritual prayer, and burial ground to pay for? Unfortunately, the doctor confirmed you as total permanent disability, aren’t a pain in the neck hiring a nurse or long-term nursing for you. Conversely, put you in the nursing home, who pays for maintained expenses?


Why Life Insurance, Prospect Avoid you like Plague?

No money is just a lame excuse to put off for the newbie’s advisor. Regardless single or a young married couple is a norm form of getting rid of intermediary. Or postponed, the chance is they procrastinate for a few more years. Luckily, the body has no red alerts for silence sickness. Meet a car accident, then you want to cover your car for a comprehensive term, do you think insurance company run on charity and accept your offer. Blatantly, the insurer you turn down your offer. But in the true fact, the majority of the insured have this kind of weird idea. I have stumbled across a few incidents like this before during my 25 years in the insurance industry. Does the insurer run on charity? Please answer.

Time and Tide wait for no man

Overall, we aged with the erosion of time, coupling with consumption of highly toxin junk food daily intakes. No wonder primary school going kid had undergone kidney dialysis at the public hospital. A normal phenomenon is today’s society with a stressful lifestyle chasing after material gains. The insurance premium gradually rises accordingly to your age. Not only the higher premium pay but also lower the sum insured if we compared a lad aged 20 and another 30 years old adult. As we age, we are prone to illness due to our sluggish immune system.
In brief, please buy insurance when you are in your youthful vigorous year to save cheaper premiums with a higher sum insured. You can even apply for term insurance for a 10 years gap band.

Jargon wording with length sentence

How many lawyers and layman can you consult and understand and interpreting sentence by sentence in the insurance policy? Nobody trained in all fields; therefore no one is an all-rounder in this world. Diligently consult your agent or even bring the policy to the insurer for a full explanation. Closely examine the following point, you would face difficulty in handle a claim in the near future.

Exclusion Clause

In this column all the sickness or any circumstances relevant contradicted to the policy, the insurer would deny its liability. For instance, commit suicide within certain years or claim on pre-existing illness know to the insured. Please highlight to the assured when delivery the policy for acknowledgment of the receiving the policy. Do not conceal the fact, it is better to avoid short-term pain rather finger pointed out how irresponsibility of the consultant.

Inception Date

The policy enforced with the date clearly printed out and the expired date of the policy. Commencing date is of utmost importance in the case of medical or 36 critical dreaded disease claims. Never overlook it. Frequently, assured would hospitalize for an illness, and bravely ignorance the waiting period. Subsequently, no entertainment of the claim, the assured would spread the rumor that insurer selling a scam policy, even though the default lies with assured. Sabotage the agent, branded you feckless advisor, and tarnished your name.

The schedule

In this schedule, your name and identity card number should spell accordingly to your national identity card. Correct the error immediately should you spot a mistake. Thereby, the insurer has no leeway to deny your future claim. Do not give the underwriter a chance for your consumer’s rightfulness claim.

Highlight the type of coverage, whole life, endowment, term or investment link or purely medical card policy. You need to aware of the total permanent disability, 36 critical illnesses, and waiver of premium due to dreaded disease or the payor. Any hospitalization benefit per day, woman disease and pregnancy admission specified according to your signed proposal form. Scan any deviation, informed the agent in a written form and ensure the insurer to pass endorsement accordingly. Finally, you made a note of the sum insured in the schedule.

Stated policy Number in the claim form

Stated the policy number in the policy for convenient correspondence with the insurer claim, when ledge a claim in the future or an endorsement. How much premium you have to pay? Assured need to warn adjusted premium during the duration the whole validity of the cover, not to forget if the medical card guarantee renewal clearly stated.

Buy peace of mind coverage

Why splurge an exotic meal under the candlelight dinner or exorbitant family oversea excursion. Or perhaps the endless chasing the ever change the latest gadget every six months. Why not paused and think for your loved one when one day you lose your way home? Get a policy coverage that ensures all the financial constraints would not befall the ongoing family.

Your Thoughts

As usual, I would love to hear any thoughts or questions that you have in the comments section below.


How to Buy the Right Home Insurance and Typhoon Damage?

How to buy the right home insurance and typhoon damage?

How to buy the right home insurance and typhoon damage?
Typhoon Hagibis – which means “speed” in the Philippine language, Tagalog – was the most powerful typhoon to hit Japan in six decades. In fact due to the fast climate change over a few decades, mainly, clear the jungle for human activities. Human greed like the planting of oil palm in Indonesia and the cattle rearing of Brazil and Argentina has deteriorated worsens the Mother Nature. The typhoon occurs too frequently with more severe impact damage to property. Now, the question, do you have the right home insurance and typhoon damage? Have you examined closely the right home insurance for typhoon damage for your own policy?.

How to Buy the Right Home Insurance and Typhoon Damage?

Malaysia by nature typhoon of its location, we never or seldom hear about the typhoon damage to our home. But, lately, the Mini-tornado strikes Kedah villages; 20 houses damaged. Thus, we must on our toe, and not sit on laurel anymore. 
Generally speaking, most of us talk about home insurance; what we mean is the basic fire or house owner insurance. Equally important is the home content policy. Usually, we forget about the home content coverage, we either ignored it or have no knowledge about it. 

How to Buy the Right Home Insurance and Typhoon Damage?

2 Types of Home Insurance cover typhoon damage

Property insurance – Designed to insure the physical components of a building/domestic e.g., walls, roof, flooring, and so on. During the signing of a loan offered by the bank, we have to sign this form of coverage in order to secure a loan. The sum insured depends on the quantum of the loan amount.

Homeowners insurance – It covers the contents of a home e.g., furniture and fitting, electrical appliances, personal objects, and all the home contents items
Uniquely, both the plan will cover storm or typhoon damage. Of course, like some other kind of insurance, there is differencing coverage between these two insurances. Thus, it’s far especially important to examine closely or understanding the contents of the policy coverage. 

How do I know to buy the right home insurance covers typhoon damage?

How to Buy the Right Home Insurance and Typhoon Damage?

There are a couple of ways you can discover whether the policy covers your property. Either the house itself or its contents damaged by the typhoon or storm tempest that strikes the hazardous area.

Firstly, the detailed schedule you need to fully grasp the actual meaning specified in the policy. This content highlights the detailed coverage in the event of loss and damage to your property or content. Furthermore, any additional excess or deductible with the amount of which the insured has to pay in the event of a claim. 

Not only had the schedule closely examined by yourself, but also not to forget the Exclusion Clause. It listed down all the items the insurer is not liable during the loss or damage. If you are feeling that you had to take for a ride by the underwriter, you can renegotiable directly or via an intermediary. Of course, the company would very happy to oblige the request provided you are willing to pay an extra premium to delete the exclusion item. But nevertheless, the removal is done by the improvement of the house. For instance, use concrete slab mixed with steel for the piling the foundation during construction to avoid the typhoon uprooted the whole building. 

How to Buy the Right Home Insurance and Typhoon Damage?

The second way to discover whether or not your coverage covers typhoon damage to your property and contents is to liaise with both the insurer and dealer directly. For example, use a reputable broker to customize drafting the policy until your satisfaction.

In the final analysis in regard to the policy understanding, the main important factor is to ensure you had the coverage for typhoon damage to property and contents. After all, it is pointless to cry over the split milk after realize you do not have the cover when the typhoon or storm strikes your nest.

5 points for Typhoon damage for home insurance

How to Buy the Right Home Insurance and Typhoon Damage?

1. Be aware of your insurance limits
The maximum domestic insurance coverage will cover damage caused by typhoons. As a matter of fact, the insurer will not entertain all your claim submission, it implies that the company pays the entire claim. All insurance plans sold include a set of claims limits.

For example, if your house insurance with a sum insured of US$ 2 million in overall damage. It the typhoon strikes and damages the house amounting to US$2.5 million. The balance of half a million shall be borne by you as if you are acting as your own insurer.

Likewise, it is the same for the coverage of your home contents. There are typically express limits stated in regards to loss from a natural disaster. In light of the technical jargon wording in the insurance policy, it is best to read and analyze all the policy wording that is a crucial factor in the event of a claim. By the same token, pay close attention to the wording of the policy. As some coverage include a separate restriction associated with natural disaster and insurance claim limit.

2. Certain Losses do not cover by typhoons damages
A large quantity of home insurance especially those built in the flood-prone zone with routine flooding. Usually, the insurer will not grant you coverage on the occasion of a flood. Similarly, if you’ve built a house in a flood-susceptible place and coupled with a typhoon causes flooding, no coverage for your home. In most cases, the insurer will bear in mind these claims on a case-by means of-case basis. 

Furthermore, the landslip is an exclusion clause. The typhoon often accompanied by heavy rainfall within a span of time. Thus, with water gushing down in volume, there is a greater risk of muddy landslip along the steep slope area. If that occurs the landslip damaged your house and contents, the insurer will deny your claim. 

How to Buy the Right Home Insurance and Typhoon Damage?

3. Contents in outdoor will not cover 
In homeowner insurance, all the contents stored outdoor will exclude. For instance, if you store the BBQ set or washing machine on the deck, porch, rooftop patio. The typhoon blew away all the contents, your loss will not entertain by the insurer. 
Likewise, it is also really worth noting here that some property insurance guidelines exclude outside fixtures too. As with everything else here, it is advisable to review your policy files to make certain you realize the exclusion.

4. The insurer, not cover your negligence damages or loss
All in all, your private home has exclusion states that if the damage is resulting from, or attributed due negligence then any claims. If you let your windows open throughout a T10 storm and there may be critical water damage to property or contents, the insurer shall deny your claim. 

How to buy the right home insurance and typhoon damage?

5. Other home insurance alternatives
As stated above you can combine with various types of home policies to make up home insurance. If you are intending to buy a policy to protect your home and content, please be sure to contact us in drafting a policy to your heart content.

How to Buy the Right Home Insurance and Typhoon Damage?

Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income

Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income

 Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income? You wonder about the hectic puzzle every night before to go to bed. Day in and Day out, your mind is obsessive with such a dilemma. Why Can’t you retire at a younger age with passive income? Why? You ponder. Retire young with no passive income occupied your mind.
The alarm clock strikes six.
“Hello, Good Morning, Mr. Broke, pleases gets up and ready to work.” It is the sound of the iPhone.
“Go to hell.” Mr. Broke’s tantrum throws the pillow on the iPhone. He continues his slumber. 
An hour later, “OOOO No, it is seven clocks” his mind is now thinking another dress down by his superior Miss Complaints.

Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income

Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income?

Thinking of the massive traffic jam, finally, he consumes a pain killer along with his hot beverage with pieces of empty bread that he could afford.
“Good Morning, Mr. Broke, you are 15 minutes late, so, I will inform the accounting department to deduct you a salary for 15 minutes and also you have no incentive for this month, is that all right with you.” Miss Complaints said sarcastically to him with her eyebrow rolling up.

A spectacle “unwanted” confirmed spinster; unfortunately, he is a subordinate of her. To summarize her “Living in the hell and sleeping with a slur without any appreciation” In fact, it is the slogan tailored made for her amongst their colleagues.
Although Mr. Broke graduated from one of the top Ivy University of the world, he failed his first round of interviews at Google. Why Google? As a matter of fact, he learned Google pay US$ 160 000.00 per year for a fresher. Now, it is a pipe dream for him.

Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income

Work from Home for Passive Income and retire young

Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income

Indeed, it is a privilege to work from home with flexible hours. Traffic jam is an alien word to Mr. Broke. Would it be real in the digital era? Of course, you can, provide to take the initiative to leap out from your comfort zone. In like manner, you could not find Mr. Jack Ma if he did not quit his English lecturer job in the China varsity to learn a new skill. Thus, finally, you could discard your office attire to the needy. In addition, you clad in pajamas, in no nobody business. Would it nice?

How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income

Digital Era to Retire Young and Rich

Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income?

Generally speaking, Mr. Broke often use his handphone for 5-6 hours during leisure. Chat with a cyber friend or gaming without any pay. 
“Mr. Broke, we par your handphone as you have yet to settle your last 3 months bill. Please settle all the bills before we could activate your account.” It was a voice mail from his mobile internet provider.

In the digital era, you chat with a buddy for business dealing. So, you can meet up with your friend for a cup of coffee. Genuine business dealing, no bull shit around. After all, all business transactions use to click from the handphone. Is that too hard? By the end, check your online banking.
“Wow, I had 5 digits of money in my bank account”. Mr. Broke bites his own finger to ensure it is not a dream. 

Use other people time to earn passive Income

Look at that smart online e entrepreneur, they are not born with a silver spoon nor have a degree, yet their business empire could match the GDP some middle-income nations. Mr. Broke ponder, “How and why” But. The fact and figures don’t lie. Again, each has 24 hours a day, regardless and no matter how hard we work. You cannot be as rich as your employer. Your employer leverage on yours and your colleague’s time to earn for him, does it sound familiar to you? In fact, you are earning an active income, no work, no pay. 

Mr. Broke, “Miss Complaints, can I take 6 months French leave with full pay”
“Sure can, Mr. Broke, please proceed to the accounting department take 2 months’ salary.” Mr. Broke has indeed bought his one-way ticket.
Without a constant flow of passive income, he could hardly survive the third month if he did not has a 6 months’ salary saving. 
Mr. Broke said to himself, “I can skip one meal, but I cannot survive a single hour without my smartphone by my side.” Is it not best to find a way to earn a reoccurring passive income with your smartphone.? Time is Never or Now. 

Zero Interest Loan

Is your company giving you a free interest loan on a house and car? Of course, some conglomerate or government-linked company gives fringe benefit to their CEO and senior management. What is your chance? Again, I am not rubbing salt to the wound, likewise, it is like climbing a pyramid bare hand without aided tool. Apparently it is not possible. In the same manner, if you are working for your parent or relative, It a totally different scenario. 
Having said that, it depends on what company you are working with. The Kuok Company does give car loans for a salesperson with zero interest. Is Mr. Broke willing to do sales or climbing the social ladder to become a CEO? Likewise, it is again built a castle in the air, isn’t?


Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income

Does your present company recognize your work hard? Of course, yes. but, in a different manner.
“Mr. Broke, you have done a good job by saving the company from tarnished the reputation by other competitors, here is your token of appreciation. The company founder cum owner with Miss Complaints standing by his side gives out the award in front of the management.
“What a token, a merely simple piece of certificate incurved with the name of the recipient and the company logo. Mr. Broke uttered.

Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income

Oversea holiday with full paid lodging and boarding plus the advertisement flashed across the daily newspaper. Does it sound like an Aladdin with the magic lamp, a folk tale? Of course, it is not. Later on, it follows by a gala dinner in a 5-star posh hotel with pretty sexy dance and song playing till the wee hour.
Only carry along some simple clothing, off the jet travel you to another dream destination holiday. With endless exotic and delicious meal and helpful tour guide leads your way to explore the shopping. Pamper a child, would you encore it.? 

Endless Passive Income

Most of us toil hard for the whole life, a golden handshake from the employer, and then go for your retirement. Don’t expect to pay you a passive income until you die, unless you are a government servant, that is another story. 
With a shaken knee and walk like a drunken man wonder when his next meal, seeks another job. What job can you do? You sell your youth time to your employer. In the end, what do you get? Sadly to say, Nothing. Finally, thick skin powder like an old hag, you ask for a security guard post with your previous boss. What dignity you have? 

But not to worry too much, it is the time to earn the passive income the right way with so many tunnels. Let build your stream of endless passive income in the digital world. It is never too late, but only Never or Now.

Passive Income with diversified model 

Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income

How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income

Rome was not built in a day; likewise, it is the same to build your passive income in so many various ways. Having said that, there is no fast and rigid rule, we start from the stretch. Build a solid foundation first like the Daixing Beijing international airport. A barren dusty land turns into a new 7 wonder of the world today.

There are several rich getting streamless of passive income like turn on the tap. Instead of flow out water, but it is money.

Call for Action.

In the end, to sum up, any dreams or ideas in mind but not putting into action, it is just like a pipe dream. Wake up or leap out our comfort zone, Be proactive with your mind, and not like a sluggish river meandering along with its basin. Call me at + 60 013-7839857. It is never or now. Don’t be like those old folk in the home. When I was young, I suppose…..” Does this storyline sound familiar to you when you have a drink in the café? Finally, don’t be another statistic added to the silly old folk tale. It is never too late to retire young and rich with passive income.

To sum up, Action speaks louder than the word. Thus, there is a saying “No venture, no gain.” The successful journey all starts with a small step. Similarly, it applies to anyone.


7 Best Reasons for staying at Homestay over a hotel now

7 Best Reasons for staying at Homestay over a hotel now

7 best reasons for staying at homestay over a hotel now, it is a phenomenon trend.
A homestay is, a part of someone’s home renovated into a guesthouse. For first-time travelers particularly, a homestay can feel less stressful than a hotel. Very often the hotel crowd with people from all of life and their rigid hotel rule.

Normally, the homestay host is friendlier and can afford to mingle with their valued guest without any restriction. Thus, they can afford to cater personalized service to the demand of a few guests. Unlike the hotel caters with a large group of patrons. This a crucial factor of which the hotel cannot provide for.

The 7 best reasons for staying at Kluang homestay over a hotel now.

Best Local Tour Guide

The 7 best reasons for staying at Kluang homestay over a hotel now.
The 7 best reasons for staying at homestay over a hotel now.

In fact, no one knows better than the local resident in that area. The native residents know their place in the fingertip. With all to update information which others cannot access to it., the best tour guide is none other than the homestay owner. Even you check on their internet for the details, mostly are repetition and outdated that misleading and landed you in the wrong location. Therefore we trust your host for information where to travel and what to route to avoid.

Take Short Cuts

Plus, homestay owners with the vast of knowledge with regard to their own native land. They suggest shortcuts and scenic routes to their guests, creating exploring all place with a lot of convenient on time and money-saving. On the other hand, the hotel guest would not have the luxury information which imparts by the hotel management. Thus, often reported that the scrupulous tourist guide conned the guest, even the guest lose their life in the end. 

7 Best Reasons for staying at Kluang Homestay over a hotel now

The best native authentic cuisine

The 7 best reasons for staying at Kluang homestay over a hotel now.
7 best reasons for staying at homestay over a hotel now

After all, the homestay guests can have a taste of their lifetime by having 100% local cuisine. In Malaysia, regardless, of the host, you can savor the taste of Malaysian famed “Nasi Lemak”, “the tarik” “ Hainanese Coffee” “ toasted bread with butter and peanut or homemade “Kaya”. If the lady luck is on your side, you can savor irresistible “Hainanese Chicken Rice”. Of course, not to mention the Malaysia famous “Satay”, it can be the choice of chicken, mutton, beef, or ham. Or even the cute rabbit meat. Homestay guest depends on where you are putting up for a couple of night.

Malaysian Food

Try the Penang “Laksa” and “Nasi Kandar” Kedah and Perlis “ Nasi Ambang” Johor “Laksa”, Sarawak “Koh Lok Mee” and Sarawak Laksa. In fact, each and every state of Malaysia has own identity like the well known “Melaka Nyonya Cookies and cooking”, a fusion of Malay and Chinese cooking using a lot of fresh local herbal leaves.

Malaysian style of eating

Almost, all the Malaysian food using the abundant supply of coconut milk to enrich their aromatic and sweet taste of the cooking. All the delicious food mainly serves hot to the guest. So lady, please enjoy your meal at the guest house without counting the calories intakes for a few days. After all, consume moderately, would not add a few inches of fat belly.

More peace and quiet

The 7 best reasons for staying at Kluang homestay over a hotel now.
7 best reasons for staying at homestay over a hotel now

If you are traveling with the intention to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life, this is a good choice. At any point of the time, you will find a homestay with less than 10 people around. This means it offers you a sense of peace and quiet atmosphere. Whereby you can enjoy the blissfulness with family members and close relative and friend in a spacious main hall without any interruption from outsiders.

The hotel caters for busily business travel. Obviously, it builds on the location with good infrastructure within the clogged business district. Whereas, the homestay find in isolated or even remote area with unspoiled, unfrequented visit offer you a restoring solitude.

Responsible tourism

7 Best Reasons for staying at Homestay over a hotel now

The 7 best reasons for staying at Kluang homestay over a hotel now.
7 best reasons for staying at homestay over a hotel now

By staying at a homestay over a hotel, you are contributing to the livelihood of the local community. Through homestays have now become quite common and are available in more cosmopolitan cities as well, and in some remote area like those in the Borneo Island. Most probably, you need to trek through against the virgin equatorial forest, wade through a small stream, hilly and mountainous range in order to arrive at your ideal destination. But nevertheless, the hard effort paid off by the replenishing fresh air in the end. The local inhabitant depends on make wooden handicraft, weaving traditional textile fabric like tablecloth and decorative item.

Local Produce

7 Best Reasons for staying at Homestay over a hotel now
7 Best Reasons for staying at Homestay over a hotel now

All year-round, the guest throngs the area to buy the local produce to bring back as a souvenir to their loved one. Spreading the good words of the past visitor, it brings more revenue to the native, consequently enhanced their economic status. In the Kluang homestay villa, my guest often visits the local coffee kiosk, after drinking, they often buy some fresh made aromatic coffee powder back home. Coupled with the plummet oil palm price, it raises the standard living of the local community. In fact, it is another form of giving back to the society where you travel.

Friendship bonding

7 Best Reasons for staying at Homestay over a hotel now

7 Best Reasons for staying at Homestay over a hotel now
7 Best Reasons for staying at Homestay over a hotel now

I have mingled with my guest from all walks of life, be a foreigner or local from other states. An ex retiree cops, dermatologist, surgeon, research student, enforced officer, lawyer, grey hair entrepreneur, you never know whom you encounter on your travels, whose home you end up staying at. Homestay owners are extrovert, a good entertainer conservationist that can brighten your day. With their open heart, they can talk about any topic with you under the sky. In the end, they might build up an eternal friendship.

I too have guest visited more than 3 times to my Kluang Homestay villa, having a heart to heart talk. Unlike the hotel with a freaking smile to their entire guest, when confront the staff. This is one of the pros of staying at homestay over a hotel.

Economical cost

7 Best Reasons for staying at Homestay over a hotel now
7 Best Reasons for staying at Homestay over a hotel now

The only pragmatic reason for staying a homestay over a hotel is, of course, that it’s cheaper, often by half. It doesn’t come with 16% service tax like in the hotel outlet that paying through your nose. Thus, less you less money to explore some outdoor activities like mountain trekking. Similarly, at the time, some homestay providing all 3 meals with an afternoon high tea service with some local cookies. Provide some useful tips for shortcut route and budget eating outlet in the unexplored area.

With plenty of extra cash, the money can stretch a bit longer like affordable extra sightseeing excursion or trek which is not possible putting in hotel accommodation. So yes, this is one of the main deciding factors for staying at homestay over a hotel.

In view of the above point, there are 7 best reasons for staying at Kluang homestay over a hotel now.


10 best reasons at Happyjamin kluang homestay now

10 best reasons at Happyjamin kluang homestay now

10 best reasons at Happyjamin kluang homestay now

  • Guesthouse – a perfect retreat for social gathering like weeding & birthday party.

First and foremost, I am a retiree looking for some spare cash and instead of ideal my leisure time in front of Idiot Box 24 hours a day or playing the latest game on my gadget. Without any daily activities, one getting aged faster as the days go by. Very often, you heard old buddies gossiping about someone kissed the world forever good bye like one of best buddy dies prior to 60. How sad indeed!. With some extra cash, I purchased 2 units of semi-detached single floor villa side by side to run a hospitality Kluang homestay service catering people from all walks of life, regardless of race, creed, and religion.

10 Best Reasons for staying at Happyjamin Kluang Homestay now

A Single Floor

As it is a single floor, again, after all the chance for kids, senior citizen and pregnant woman find no obstacle to walk about, most often kid runs around foolishly and landed with a fracture limp. A pregnant woman tripped and fell from the staircase causing a miscarriage. Moreover, grey-haired elderly might slip and fall resulting in a slicing disc. Equally, important are the handicapped people with a knee injury or heart patient find it breathless to climb due to restricted mobility.

Affordable Semi-detached Homestay Kluang

Not to mention do a semi-detached comprise both units side by side, Again, it is convenient to run a social gathering either for a wedding or birthday party. In the end, it saves quite a substantial amount of your precise and valued for your money. Conveniently parked 2 cars in the corridor with stainless gated, addition, guest can park along the traffic-free roadside adjourned in of the semi-detached. One unit with 4 rooms boosted with 3 air-conditioned and one water heater go for RM 350.00 per night. Another 4 air-conditioned rooms with 2 units of water heater charge merely RM 400.00 per night. As a matter of fact, other quotes us RM 850.00 the most premium homestay in the Bat town, which is NOT TRUE. So, this is 10 Best Reasons for staying at Happyjamin Kluang Homestay now.

5 feet concrete wall Fence

Moreover, the Happyjamin Kluang homestay built on a 5 feet concrete wall fence between both the units to ensure the privacy of the check-in guests. I have entertainment guest from the ASEAN region, Australia and as far as Canada. The guest simply loves the eerie silent refreshing atmosphere. By the same token, would you like to stay in a noisy and crowded area for a perfect weekend retreat, I am sure you wouldn’t. Am I right? 

Orchard Sanctuary

As a matter of fact, our human activities have heated up the globe. Not to mention the recent the burning of Amazon basin in Brazil. Action speaks louder by words, I cherish the mother earth the gives us living in the cool atmosphere. By the same token, I do my part by planting some tropical fruit tree around the compound. It gives my guest a cool and refreshing air. By the night falls, especially, during a rain day my guest switched off air-condition, using the fan instead for the soundlessly sleep. All things considered, do you like to check in an inn without a tree around? To sum up, in the long run, we help to go green by reducing the electricity consumption , in a way by giving back to the society without increase our guest rate for the past 3 years, unlike other with yearly price upward adjustment.

10 Best Reasons for staying at Happyjamin Kluang Homestay now
10 Best Reasons for staying at Happyjamin Kluang Homestay now

24 hours Security Guard

In light of the safety of the guest, Kluang homestay -a gated community provide with 24 hours security guard. After all, the guard goes patrolling around the area every hour. In addition, a watched closed circuited TV area installed at various strategy location. To say nothing of, a friend of mine from Singapore complaint to me he had a nasty experience of check-in a family home without any fencing yard. It was a peaceful night for him. The next morning, to his horror, he discovered four of his Michelle tires been wheeled off. A painful lesson indeed learns for him, saves a penny and finally, losing an arm. To sum up, coupled with a public holiday and Sunday, I became his free driver for a day. 


Ideally, building located 5 minutes drive to the Bat town Center. Having said that, the Singaporean guest has a good bargain at some outlet, with the exchange between S$1 equally to Malaysian Ringgit of 3, they shop until they drop with a full load of merchandise in their car compartment. Ideally bargain for the organic produce like freshly plunged fruit and harvested vegetable. A merely 10 minutes land you to the North-South expressway exist. Bring back your sweet memory home. 

Government Building & Private Hospital 

Conveniently, it situated a stone throw away from the Government department, like Immigration to renew your international passport. National Registered department for registered of the arrival of newborn for identity card registration. Income Tax building for the tax inquiry matter clustered closed by with each other. You need a merely 1- minute drive from the villa. A new private hospital will unveil soon somewhere in December 2019. The less than 5 minute’s journey depends on peak or off peak season for someone need to take care of their sick family member.

Eating Outlet round the O’clock

Not to mention, the McDonald drive through outlet just 2 minutes’ drive. The guest loves it so much without any fuss. Besides, there are many eating outlets cater for Halal food at the Medan Selera for Malaysian favorite Namsi Lemak, Roti Canai. In fact, you are spoiled for choices. Of course, ideally, you can hang around day in and out at the Mamak stall watch your idol football star. Of course, there is ample choice of authentic food like the Famed healthy Desa Bryrani and non-halal Botak Curry Mee located about 4 Kilometers away from happyjamin homestay.

Famous Coffee Outlets.

10 Best Reasons for staying at Happyjamin Kluang Homestay now
10 Best Reasons for staying at Happyjamin Kluang Homestay now

There is 400+ coffee Kiosk within the town, you are in a perplexity position which outlet to have you prefer coffee for the day. Beside the Kluang Railway coffee, there are many more third-generation hands down coffee shop for you to explore. For instance the Tan Li Seng coffee shop serving charcoal toasted wholemeal bread or the traditional Hainan’s bread couple with the butter and the owner shop made Kaya. Occasionally, you are lucky enough you can see how she make the Kaya paste over a charcoal stove. Kaya is a mixture of Egg, Flour, Pandan leave and sugar slowly and gently stirring to form a light brown sweet paste spread with butter. The patron prefers a hot steam coffee with 2 half boiled farm egg and a slice of toasted bread. It served Malaysian famous Nasi Lemak wrapped in a Banana leaf.

Equally important not to forget the Luwak Coffee at Paloh town garden café serve premium coffee. Try a cup of Luwak coffee cost RM 188.00 per cup and a piece of Singapore Raffles City Freshly baked out from the oven Cheese. It is princely burn off your pocket with RM 252.30 for an afternoon High tea. But sadly to say, you need an advanced order, because, the Johore Royal family frequent visit there.

Final Verdict on 10 best reasons at Happyjamin Kluang homestay now

Having been saying a matter of fact, all things considered, welcome to check in for next perfect weekend retreat at formerly know as Hihiwindy guesthouse. As shown above 10 reasons, you can check in the guest house be it a short term or long term. It is affordable to the public at large it is not exorbitant as other claim to be, you would not burn a hole in your pocket.  In the final analysis with all positive unique factors, what else could ask for Rm 400.00 nowadays in the high inflationary period with our Malaysian ringgit depreciated record low with the dominant US currency? Let us check-in today.

Highlight Facilities

The villa in an orchard sanctuary 013-7839857 located within the vicinity of the town.  It is ideal retreats for the weekend for the entire circle of relatives or friend.

2 units single-floor semi-detached built side by side in a spacious corner lot.

Five Kilometers journey downtown, railway station, bus station, shopping center, and cinema complex.

It takes 1-2 minutes’ drive giant grocery store, Petron – a petroleum kiosk and 24 hours Mc Donald outlet.

24 hours security shield compound happyjamin homestay Kluang.

Five feet fencing wall to make sure privacy.

Orchard Sanctuary

Pretty surrounding planted with tropical fruit like such as rambutan, durian, longan, coconut, mangosteen, pandan and lemon, lime, Etlingera elatior and the Rhu tree.

Break out and retreat from the hustle and bustle town center for care homestay.. Now and then in you stumble across monkey jumping from tree to branch harvesting and devouring the juicy fruit.

Once in a while, we can see the early birds making a melody song on the tree branches.

Ideally, it is a perfect villa to relax all through the weekend, birthday celebration or wedding engagement.  It boosted with a 650 square feet spacious hall with 20 toes high ceiling for higher ventilation. The corridor adjoining the dinner hall can accommodate spaciously for 20-30 human beings.

Kluang Happyjamin Homstay Domestic Infrastructure

The North-south motorway is only 10 kilometers from the homestay.

Travels to Kluang stadium takes only 5 minutes..

You drive five minutes to Merdeka O’clock Tower.


First Unit on Happyjamin Kluang Homestay

No: 1, Jalan
14/4, Tmn Permata 1,Kluang, Johore, Malaysia  

The master bedroom geared up with air-conditioned, fan, wardrobe and dressing table with attached lavatory, equipped water heater. Complement with a king size and a single bed.

1 middle room equipped with air-conditioned, fan, cupboard with a queen length bed.

End room adjourned to shower air-conditioned room, fan and a computer table furnished king length bed.

Another room with 15 feet excessive ceilings comes with a fan, an unmarried bed, and a queen-size bed. Ideally, this room is special cater for patient with sinus, and cool allergy and senior citizen.

BBQ Area at No 1

10 Best Reasons for staying at Happyjamin Kluang Homestay now
10 Best Reasons for staying at Happyjamin Kluang Homestay now

In fact, our guest loves the front corridor area serves as a BBQ area for social gathering. There a long wooden bench to put your food and drink accompanied by four wooden stool. Guest slice some  Bunga Kantan aka torch ginger flower or torch lily along with some Lime juice to enhance the truly authentic taste of the grilled meat. We plant these organic plant with the guest in mind for their convene ice. Further more, to bond the closely relationship with family member or buddies by doing a task together. A unique experience which is most lacking in our society nowadays.

We price at
RM 350.00 per night.
10 best reasons at Happyjamin kluang homestay now
10 best reasons at Happyjamin kluang homestay now

Economical Kluang Homestay

No:3 Jalan
14/4, Tmn Permata 1, Kluang, Johore, Malaysia

In Room 1 is fully air-conditioned furnished with oscillating fan,  dress table and stool, wardrobe, attached shower room with water heater. Also, find a single bed for toddler accompanied by parent retire on a King size bed.

Again Room 2 with a children carton image frame mounted on the wall. Air-conditioned with dress table cater for the mom with child on a Queen bed, of course not to miss the ceiling fan and wardrobe.

Likewise Room 3 a customized super king size for plus size couple with dressing table and cupboard with a fan.

Room 4 arrange with a queen and a single bed mean for the good buddies or teen chatting all night long with a fan, air-conditioned, cupboard and 2 small drawers for their latest gadget placement.

Kitchen equipped with a cooking hook, in addition with 2 doors refrigerator and 7 Kg wash machine for big family gathering. Further we too supply with the cookery set..  Adjoining is a shower room installed with water heater.

With the
affordable RM400.00 per night, what else could a patron ask for rock bottom

10 Best Reasons for staying at Happyjamin Homestay now

Other Facilities

 Both units kitchen are ready with a fridge, washing device and kettle, sink, cup. Kitchen furnished with eating utensil.

In essence, there’s an eating table at the dining hall. We glued a wall mirror, a ceiling fan and dim-lit light.

Equally important, inside the main hall, find a sofa set, an espresso table, and T.V.

Additionally, we offer the prayer mat for Muslims with Qibla direction.

As can be seen, position an iron board and iron at the predominant corridor corner.

✔ car Park

✔ tv

✔ furniture and fixtures

✔ Kitchen

✔ fridge

✔ Iron & Ironing Board

✔ Air Conditioned

✔ Water Heater

Kluang Homestay Villa information

Range of Rooms: 4

Wide variety of toilets: 2

Max Adults: 12

Check-in Time: 1400 HOURS

Check out time: 1200 HOURS

Advanced deposit RM 200.00 for confirmation booking on each unit.

Please contact person in charge for more detail inquiry: Jamin

Can be reached at handphone or WhatsApps: +60 013-7839857

10 best reasons at Happyjamin kluang homestay now

Full address

1 & 3, Jln 14/4,

Tmn Permata 1

86000, Kluang



Happyjamin Kluang Homestay

Kluang outdoor sports

In fact, likewise for those the endless and dynamic individual for daring adventure, again, a dawn trip to the peak to “Gunung Lambak” for a paramount view of the valley town. Thus, explore the flora and fauna of the secondary forest, experience the clean air and unpolluted crystal clean cool mountain water, a must recommendation for mountain enthusiasm trekker. After all, with an elevation of 510 meters Mount Lambak lies about 2 Kilometer from city middle, it gives one a birds-eye of the whole town at the summit.

10 best reasons at Happyjamin kluang homestay now

Furthermore, during March and April, July to August, in fact, you don’t want to spend a few thousand dollars travels to Japan for viewing the blossoming Sakura flora. Fortunately, you may see the right here in Kluang as a fraction of the cost..

Additionally, Gunung Belumut recreational forest (Belumut) is a dense forest, another natural landscape in Johor. It located about 30 km north-east of the metropolis of Kluang.  Gunung Belumut has a crystal clear flow of clear water, strewn with rocks and a sandy backside. As can be seen, generally speaking. there are lots of insects and wild animals. The damselflies’ are the primary stars that attracted the macro photographers that frequent visiting for snapping its exotic beauty. Given this point, thus, it labeled this area as a damselflies’ heaven. With the latest introduction of Huawei Pro 30 iPhone, you need not carry a bulky DSRL camera to shoot a picture to your heart content.

10 best reasons at Happyjamin Kluang homestay now

In the final analysis,, to sum up based on the given, why not check in the Happyjamin Kluang Homestay for your next visit, after all, it would not cost you an arm or leg. Welcome to Kluang Homestay

Abusive Indonesia in-law devastated Maid being abused

Abusive Indonesia in-law devastated Maid being abused

Abusive Indonesia in-law devastated Maid being abused

Abusive In-Law, Maid abused. To begin with, Malaysian often complaint struggle hard to meet day end meet. After reading the dejection true story in-law abused heartbroken Indonesian maid below, then only we realize how fortune we are living in the rapid raised food price index. So, Please stop air your grievance in the public social media like Facebook, or Twitter.

Abusive Indonesia in-law devastated Maid being abused

A young lovebird often courtship at the open space in the carpet green farm in the sunset. Time did not exist in their dictionary with the 31 years old farmhand and is beloved youthful maiden aged 20. From sunset until the loving lovebird bathed the tenderness of the moonshine. Continually, endless chatting and promises till departed home to retire to bed.

As they rose up in the early dawn heading toward the farm with an empty stomach, drank boiled water and plunged some fruit from the branch for the lunch. Even though, in such hardship, they blamed no one. Honestly, they earned a living toiled hard on the farm for a meager income to keep their body and soul together.Tied


They tied the nuptial knot ending their 2 years courtship. Having said that, the poverty often strikes hard, the arrival of a new born boy. Along living in an extension family with in law, unfortunately heaven often racked havoc to them rain sipping via the thatched roof, they find a dried spot to sleep when the night fall. Often the tropical storm blew off the roofing; they soaked like drenched wet chicken, biting coolness in the gusty wind. Luckily, the newly mother cuddled the infant to her chest wearing a rain coat.

Abusive in-law Maid abused

After breastfeeding her infant son for six months, finally, with the permission from mother-in- law and her hubby, later, she decided to seek greener pasture for the sake of her loving family. Being a strong will power herself, without any regret but she holds her tear to bid farewell to her toddler son crying non-stop at the jetty. It really broke her heart thinking her mother-in-law whether or not she would abuse her son.

Foreign Land

At the age 24, she landed in a foreign land, indeed a culture shock for her with everyone having the latest gadget phone in the hand. The kid too plays non-stop gaming. How fortune the kid!

Fortunately, she put up in a women hostel with 17 Indonesian maids accommodated in 3 separated terraced houses in a row. A fully furnished home, they cook their own food. Thus, the maids woke up daily at 5am to prepare their breakfast and bring lunch in a tiffing box and boiled water. By 7 am sharp, finally the cleaning service company driver will ferry them to 18 respectively homes for cleaning.

10 Hours Non-Stop Working

Laxa (not her real name), she cleans from 7-12 noon for 5 hours non-stop work. Briefly to say that, with only an hour rest with meals on board. An hour later, she commence another 1-6pm cleaning. All together, after 5 years working in Malaysia, she is leaving home for good. Day In and day out, she scarified for the family without any complaint. By the time she arrived home, fully exhausted and lying motionlessly thinking her cute son would get rid of her aching body. Being a gusty lady, she faced the next dawn fully refresh after a soundless sleep.

“Laxa, are you coming back to Malaysia again” I asked.



“I want to nurture my own son”

“I thought you own mother-in-law taking care your son”

Abusive Mother-In-Law & Heartbroken Maid

She sobbed “my mother in law find another younger girl for my hubby, she is so means to me. Even worse like rubbing salt to my wound, my hubby agreed to it” Her eye wetted with tears, “they are so heartless creature on earth, because every month I remitted RM700.00 to home without fail to complete their home, Consequently, I am getting the most inhuman treatment, as they are asking for a divorce on the ground that I do not nursing my son, failed as the duty of a mother”

Wiping off her tears, finally, she continued, “I will fight for custody of my own son and get back my fair deals. Looking at my hand, a long hour of soaped with washing detergent, it starts cracking between the fingers, causing almost disfigured. It is really painful intact with cooking salt.” But, anyhow, I am better off without physically or sexual assault by the host family like my other Indonesian maid.” unfortunately, I no longer can withstand this ill treatment by own family member especially my partner.”

Maid being Abused By Mother-in-Law

Generally speaking, she toiled hard for a living from dawn to sunset only earned RM 1200.00 a month, therefore leaving her only RM500.00 for food and women essential necessities. Truly, no wonder I found out that she often clad in a t-shirt and blue jean to my house cleaning. Sad to say that, with only 4 sets of clothing and 2 pair of shoe, she could ill afford to apply not even the basic lipstick on her lip because she saved every cent for the comfort of her hubby family. Finally, she deserved this kind ill treatment, didn’t she?

Painfully, emotionally traumatized at the tender age, by the way, how many of us can withstand the pain? Conversely, what kind of mother in law on earth? Finally, the so called endless promised by the spouse, indeed the love has flying out from the window. Moreover, it is a phenomenon to hear the abused host on the ill-treatment of the maid. Similarly, her mother-in-law as a woman of herself, whereby, how would she react her own married off daughter being tormented by other in-law.

In fact, I did ask her whether she is willing do partner at my happyjamin.com homestay, she politely turned me down as she need to rest during her only weekly off day.

Finally, I sincerely hope that she would find her true forever.


Best Offer for Happyjamin Homestay Hurry Limited Time Only

Best Offer for Happyjamin Homestay Hurry Limited Time Only

Best Offer for Happyjamin Homestay Hurry Limited Time Only

Generally speaking, all business sectors haves the peak and gloom season. Having said that, homestay industry is of no exception during the summer time, tourist often stays indoor stay. With the scorching heat raised to 43 degree Celsius in the Europe, heat wave perished some beggars or homeless on the pavement. Glance the shopping, the store assistant occupied the empty space, cleaning or resorting out the merchandise.

With the fearful fast spreading globally Novel coronavirus, affecting whole world. Furthermore with the escalating new cases reported daily, without any effective cure vaccines in sighted. In addition to the shortage supply of the medical aid, sluggish economy welcomed us with a big bang for the rat year 2020.  What a tragedy!

Sad to say that the hardest hit industry are the tourism industry, for instance, airline, hotel, eating outlet and any form of accommodation like homestay too.  Indeed, most of the government are coping and find a find way to help such sectors. Anyway, we sincerely pray that virus pandemic would soon end.

Stimulate Sluggish Period.

Grab on price war on hot summer sales, with discount up to 50% for obsolete product or product with soon expired date for departmental store.. As for Happyjamin homestay we reduce the rate to Rm 300.00 for No 1, and RM Jln 14/4, RM 350.00 for No 3 Jln 14/4 during normal day.

Weekend and school holiday, plus eve of public holiday we offer no discount. The charge for NO 1 is RM350.00  and Rm400.00 for No 3, Jln 14/4, Tmn Permata 1, Kluang respectively. Special rate for guest with a duration stay for more than 7 days, depending the number of occupants.

Upgrade Our Facilities

The no 3, we fully furnished 4 rooms with all air-conditioned, 2 water heaters in 2 separate bathroom. Gathered for a long time guest or a big gathering, we boosted a 2 doors refrigerator in kitchen and a 7Kg wash machine.

Best Offer for Happyjamin Homestay

Privacy Ensure

Both units of single floor semi-detached homestay are fenced with a 5 ft concrete wall to ensure privacy of the homestay guest. Moreover, the 24 hours security guard services provided to ensure the safety of the guest. Leave the guest a peace of mind and have a sound sleep, wake fully charged and refresh the next morning.

Homestay in an orchard sanctuary

Find a homestay planted with fruit trees within the proximity of a town center. You would affirmative a negative answer. But, in Happyjamin.com we planted with tropical fruits like coconut, durian, rambutan, lemon, longan, limau nipis and mongos teen and mango and Thai lychees. The guest has the virgin experience harvested some fruit, like mango, mangos teen, coconut and rambutan. Occasionally, by lady luck, you could stumble upon monkey enjoy chewing the mango up the branches. The fruit trees oxygenated the atmosphere and refresh the hot and humid surrounding.

Single or Double Floor

The guest pee views from outside, the exteriors appearance as if it is a double floor instead of single floor building. Astonishment upon step in, they search for the stair case. Wow, is their expression, praised how cooling the wall with a 20 feet height ceiling. Confrontation during the rainy cool night, some guests switched off the air-conditioned to sleep. The 30 feet long with 20 feet width hall adjourning with a dining hall is best suited for small social gathering. The 650 square feet spacious hall even accommodated for prayers.

Cleanliness Maintenance

Ensuring the comfort of the guest stay, we changed the bed sheet and pillow case. The blanket sends for cleaning and use highest temperature not only drying but also kill the bacterial infection. The chambermaid clean and mop the floor at least one or two days earlier before the guest check in. Similar apply to the bathroom.

Call Now or Whatapps  + 60-013 7839857 for a perfect retreat at Happyjamin.com homestay in an orchard sanctuary.
Best offer for Happyjamin Homestay

Uncivic Minded Homestay Guests Owner’s Nightmare

Uncivic Minded Homestay Guests Owner's Nightmare

Uncivic Minded Homestay Guests Owner’s Nightmare

Malaysian Homestay

Malaysian homestay industry has taken the leap and bound since the inception during the 1989 era. City, small town and even village you bound to stumble across many homestay poster binding along the strategy road. You could hardly miss such gay color billboard with a contact number and extraordinary logo and slogan. Moreover, everybody jumped into the bandwagon trying to make a quick fortune. Consequently, most of them winded up within a couple of years with many lame ridiculous reasons which are beyond imagination. Nevertheless, people come and go is a normal phenomenon in any industry so likewise for homestay too.

Sluggish Homestay era

Notwithstanding, the up and down of the homestay programmers, I too am no exception. Having said this, I experienced during a sluggish period of extensive 6 months on the stretch without any check-in. A day lapsed as if pouring money into the drain, it ached my heart, pondering what was the next best alternative exists. Persistently, I dare not to fail to know Rome was not build in a day.

On Home stay route

Uncivic Minded Home stay Guest

Uncivic Minded Homestay Guests Owner’s Nightmare

6 years passed on route to 7, now, my nightmare to begin, not due to the slumming period of the year. Here goes my tearful journey.

Uncivic Minded Homestay Guests Owner’s Nightmare

A group of 9 teenagers check-in for a month, working as a sales promoter at the shopping mall. Comprising 3 girls and the rest were a young man. They commenced their routine working hours in the late afternoon with all garden lumps switch on 24 hours, returned in the wee hours of the night.

Occasionally, I went to the orchard to get some fresh seedless lemons, noticed they were soundly slumbering like a baby with some snoring loudly penetrated the wall. Luckily, they caused no disturbance to anybody as it is a semidetached corner lot single floor. Rubbish scattered at the front patio for days. Cigarettes butt just discarded out from the window panel. On one fine day, I noticed they dismantled a door padlock dumping at the black rubbish bin just outside the side entrance of the house. A scene of Mumbai Biggest Slum area had shifted to Malaysian soil.

Homestay guests Distress Call

Uncivic Minded Homestay Guests Owner’s Nightmare

At 1230 hours, I received a call from one of the guests.

“Boss, Can you come back immediately to open my room day”

“Why” I politely asked him.

“I locked the room door, my car key inside the room I need to rush to Johor Baru for a sales promotion at 1500 hours”

“I can’t as I am outstation working, will only be back by 1500 hours the latest.”

“Please call this number for the locksmith for help as he is near the vicinity.”

Homestay Owner’s Nightmare

Upon checking out with four hours extension of no charge, I inspected the house with their leader. To my horror and dismay,

“Why this door has no lock at all, remain an empty hole.”

“I relocated the lock to my room’’

“Then why there is a wooden damaged hole beneath the lock?

“The wood was extremely fragile and soft, I punched it with my bare hand.”

The customer is always right as I worked as a night auditor before in a three-star rate hotel.

I believed he either punched the door with a mighty force or hammer with it a blunt object. Thus, the appearance of the hollow wooden panel resulted.

He complained even further stating that the kitchen bathroom doorknob could not open. Was it due to wear and tear?

Homestay Owner’s Nightmare 

Uncivic Minded Homestay Guests Owner’s Nightmare

I discovered the worst horrifying scene at the homestay as if tropical cyclone swept in happyjamin.com homestay. The aftermath seeming would throw out one last night meal. Littered all over the house, with the bottle, bags and bags untied garbage, empty plastic bottle, and some unfinished canned drink. Unwrapped canny paper with human hair lying motionlessly at some corner under the bed I noticed. Dumbfound indeed.

The stained black floor in the wall, bedroom, and kitchen with tiny maggot inch for junk food droplet stumbled across. Moreover, dumped the wiring casting for the washing machine on the floor, was the casting an eyesore to them? Conversely, even dismantled the shower dispenser and dumped it in the bathroom. Prized open the Air-conditioned wiring at one of the rooms. Enough said, not only, they dismantled a 3 feet x 1-foot mirror mounted on the room wall, uprooted it and relocated on the top of a wardrobe. What a barbarian act worse than those wild mischievous monkeys invaded the fruit tree!

“Civic Mindedness Homestay Guest?”

Uncivic Minded Homestay Guests Owner’s Nightmare

What a LOST Y generation of Malaysian? Civic-minded or econ friendly awareness advocated had long ignored and followed into the dead ear. Shall we blame their parent failed to up bring to the mound their character or our Malaysian education system? Please ask the Education Minister Mr. Mazlee Malik or their parent for a diagnostics solution. Are we in the developed nation with a third-world mentality?

A shocking truth unveiled to any of the Malaysian homestay owners for the next episode, any constructive suggestion I sincerely welcomed.

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