You are currently viewing How to slim down fast for Asian’s Fattest Malaysian?
How to slim down fast for Asian's Fattest Malaysian?

How to slim down fast for Asian’s Fattest Malaysian?

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How to slim down fast for Asian’s fattest Malaysian?

How to slim down fast for Asian’s Fattest Malaysian? as my mind always lingers on such topic.  When  I travelled to other nation like China and Vietnam, hardly see fat people walking around the street.  A refreshing morning, crowded green park with people doing the exercise like dancing, singing or practising tai chi.
“Is it only the weekend the park is full of people?” I asked the people around.
“No, it is a normal daily routine to people here, rain or shine, they are doing this form of relaxing exercise for a healthy body promoting their lifespan with less illness.”

How to slim down fast for Asian's Fattest Malaysian?
How to slim down fast for Asian’s Fattest Malaysian?


Food to avoid for slim down fast for the fattest Malaysian

It is a beautiful Sunday morning, hardly seen any soul there, merely a few grey hair couples resting their tired leg on the wooden bench after walking a few around circulating on the small pebble pavement.

The opposite food court building is packed with a throng of people queuing up for their table. Proudly displaying All occupied seats in the middle of the hallway. Packed like a can of sardine, even a mosquito cannot accommodate there. The cashier machine noise is not non-stop for more than a minute, the cashier is busy changing the note with the happy full stomach customer.

Malaysian eating habit is hard to slim down

“Double “Rati Canai” with 2 kung fu frying an egg, a “Teh Tarik” with sweetened condensed milk.
“One nasi lemak with 2 pieces of fry drumstick”
In another store, one customer shouting out loudly.
“One wanton mee with more barbecue meat”
“One curry mee with more cockerel”
“Four cendol with more coconut milk”
“Two pieces of the Chapati with mutton curry, fast please”

NO XL or XXL size Impossible to slim down

Year-end sales in the department store, attracting a throng of frantic buying people, what remained among a heap of mountain clothing remains unsold, the small and medium clothing occupy the trolley. Over the moon and the woman luck upon you as you will go to strike the lottery ticket if you can find one clothing label with XXL or XL or L. Nevertheless, In school and street, you can stumble across a lot of chubby, but not slim smart people.

Slimming business

Rolling business for the elegant posh and customized design slimming beauty centres, there is a bee queue of people willing to spend up to 5 figures of money shaping back to their youth day.

Tips on how to slim down fast in 4 months
How to slim down fast for Asian's Fattest Malaysian?
How to slim down fast for Asian’s Fattest Malaysian?
how to slim down Fast in 4 months

I did that in 3 months losing about 21 Kg in 4 months, a simple method to try it out in your own leisure time.

Doing the ab muscles in a rhythmic fashion can stimulate a bowel movement. Works it out for 5 to 10 minutes crunches, reverse crunches and butterfly crunches are effective choices.

After brushing your teeth, gushing down at least 500 ml of lukewarm plain water. Your stomach has the feeling of the fullest. It promotes bowel movement and passing out the toxin and fat, consequently avoiding constipation too.

Taking your breakfast at 30 minutes intervals, sipping only 1 cup of black tea or coffee with pieces or two slices of steamed or just plain high fibre wholemeal bread. Preferably you can consume a red apple or banana or guava or orange or papaya. Avoiding green apple or pineapple as it is too acidic torture your way to gastric ulcer or cancer over long-term consumption. Replacing bread with a bowl of porridge sprinkled with a few drops of sesame oil or virgin extract olive oil and a hard-boiled egg. No fried egg, please.

Upon reaching the office, parking your car at least 100 to 200 meters from the office building. Walking is a healthy exercise in the bucolic surroundings as the air is fresh.

Eating your fancy food during lunch hour, but no deep-fried or processed nugget or similarity. Takes half part of your daily intake of rice, preferably with a cup of plain water. No sugary drink or soft drink. A sugary drink makes you grow fatter.

Before you go to do 45 to 90 minutes of work out after work. Chewing a bar of dark chocolate (not the sugary crap) with mineral water to prevent you from feeling hungry during the burns out exercise. Do it at the gym or walking in the green park. No talking or reading or playing with your handphone just concentrated on it.

Consuming 2 fresh red apples or a sweet mango substituting the normal meal or drink hot dark chocolate with a slice of wholemeal. Or a bowl of noodle vegetable soup sprinkled with a few thin slices of fish meat. Feeling hungry, piped it with plenty of water, sustaining, with a large amount of high fruit fibre, and limitation on few carbohydrates.

Retiring to bed by 11 pm or 12 midnight at the latest, the body toxin expelling during the golden hour from 11 pm 3 am. Consequently, obesity is the result of depriving 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

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Why is it hard to understand life? Is it the upbringing that molds their destiny? It is super subjective. But anyway, happy-go-lucky is my philosophy, which I like to share; remember the maxim: " Joy shared is joy doubled, a sorrow shared is sorrow half." Can someone tell me why some people, before an event happens, often think of the negative outcome? For this kind of personality, they often self-blamed any unpleasant result. Why bite the sorrowful pile and live a life of misery and depression. Please cheer up!! Walking on the street, you sure stumble across less fortunate humans. Take life as a new norm, regardless of whether there is a pandemic outbreak or economic slowdown. Life is going like a passing stream; find your happiness and peaceful life.
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Marley Dawkins
Marley Dawkins
7 years ago

Yes my partner is actually from Vietnam, and i can definitely say that it really is rare to fat people there and throughout a lot of Asia in general, which as you state is largely due to the ethos of doing daily exercise routines and eating good food in the correct proportions.

Are you from China Jamin? Have you spent much time in western countries to see how many more fat people there are in contrast to Asia?

Great post anyway, thanks for bringing awareness to this topic.

7 years ago

I am from America and have never been to any other countries but have always heard about how healthy other countries are. I know we are the fattest county in the world and your simple tips would work for anyone, anywhere. If only us people here in America would take the time to care more about what we put in our bodies, and simply move and exercise more, we could be more healthy and lose the excess weight. Pretty much what you’re saying is to drink more water, eat more fruits and veggies, and get more exercise. It’s pretty much… Read more »