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How to Fight Back Against Emotional Abuse?

How to Fight Back Against Emotional Abuse?

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How to Fight Back Against Emotional Abuse?

People often tell you to leave an abusive relationship.

But they do not know what you are going through or what will happen if you leave your job, especially after two years of compulsory houseman training in the hospital.

But, the saddest part was the young doctor ended his life by jumping off of a tall building. Gone free, but let the parent and family members face the grief of their life with this kind of emotional pain.

How to Fight Back Against Emotional Abuse?
How to Fight Back Against Emotional Abuse?

The joyful abuser would not shed a drop of tear for it. Life going.

How to Fight Back Against Emotional Abuse?

I, too, had an unpleasant experience with my spouse’s afternoon session supervisor in a government primary school.

I saw my wife crying when I went to school to fetch her. I confronted her afternoon lady supervisor for an explanation. She shaded her head, saying she did nothing to my wife and also did not she crying. Meanwhile, my wife kept pulling me away to demand an explanation.

With a sobbing wife on our way home, I probably guess what had happened in the school. It seemed my wife was so afraid of her abuser.

The next day, I reported what was going on during the evening to the Prime Ministers’ department in the state capital.

As a public, I, too, was ignored by her. Her uncooperative attitude made me sick. She shed her crocodile tears in reply to me, but I didn’t believe her, as she was lying through her teeth. She deserved the best actress for the Oscar award.

How the hell did she become a teacher with that kind of behavior?

A week later, my wife told me that her headmistress and the afternoon supervisor headed to district education to learn how to deal with the public. The supervisor had undergone a week of counseling and learned a sound manner to deal with the public and sub colleagues.

She was the green-eyed monster the staff outperformed; instead of praise but reported her poor performance to the headmistress; after the incident, two of them had transformed their attitude toward my wife. She happily worked until she retired gracefully.

A lesson we learned here is to never let the abuser scot-free with abusing altitude. It needs immediate correction before the matter gets worse. Don’t let it sweep it under the carpet. Silence breeds more abuse.

How to Fight Back Against Emotional Abuse?
How to Fight Back Against Emotional Abuse?

How to Fight Back Against Emotional Abuse?

The five abusive doctors should undergo counseling after the probation period of one year; still no change or improvement, it is time to end their service. Let it be a lesson learned and warn the abuse has no root in the hospital.

Nobody is so indispensable for the work. Many qualified with clean behaviour to replace those abusive mentally suck doctors.

Report to the higher authority’s right to handle the abusive issue. Don’t be afraid.

How to Fight Back Against Emotional Abuse?

Obstacles in lifelike substance abuse, financial issues, grief, and even physical pain can change a person from sweet to mean, affecting you.

It would help if you learned more about abuse and how to cope.

Mental Abuse

How to Fight Back Against Emotional Abuse?
How to Fight Back Against Emotional Abuse?

Have you ever been embarrassed? Afflicted with slurs or told you are unworthy. How often have you felt your partner plays mind games with you, making you feel crazy about having specific thoughts? Emotional abuse.

People who constantly criticize and make you feel worthless will eventually believe these negative statements and your self-esteem will plummet.

How to Fight Back Against Emotional Abuse?

Emotional abusers don’t care about your feelings, regardless of your feelings. They blamed your misbehaviour on you. They may even say you are too emotional and need to be stronger. The sad part is that some abusers are unaware of their abuse and the harm they cause.

Emotional abuse includes being rejected, terrorized, ignored, isolated and exploited. Long-term emotional abuse can negatively affect your life.


Fighting back does not mean a fistfight or a verbal smack down. Neither of these actions is healthy and may be fatal. But there are ways to fight back, save your life, and live a happy, abuse-free life. Leaving the abusive situation may be the only way to protect yourself and get help for both of you.

It’s normal to be anxious about leaving. Worried about where you will stay and what others will think? You may be concerned about your financial situation. These are all normal reactions of people fleeing a dangerous situation.

But you should also feel hopeful for a better and safer future and be proud of yourself for taking action to protect yourself.

Leaving an abusive workplace involves several steps. Documenting abuses as they occur is one of the most important things you can do to help yourself. Keep them hidden from the abuser in a journal.

You need proof of abuse to get legal protection, which may include a restraining order or even jail time for the abuser.

Preparing a plan for exiting the situation is the second most important. This plan should include details such as where you’ll go, who you’ll notify, and how you’ll pay.

Organize your evidence of abuse bag with spare keys, clothing and birth certificates. Prepare to leave with this bag when the time comes.

You need help too. You can talk to many counselors about your situation. Counselling is entirely private, so they cannot legally talk to your abuser. Women’s shelters and domestic violence organizations have escape plans to help you leave your abuser.

All you have to do is ask for help. Trained violence professionals will accompany you to court and support you throughout the process.

Help and support are available for any abuse. You deserve to be joyful.

How to Fight Back Against Emotional Abuse?

Abuse Prevention

If you react to abusive situations with verbal or physical outbursts, an abuser may manipulate the case against you. Instead, you can try a few things.

First, noticing that someone makes you react in these expressive ways is a red flag that something is wrong in the relationship. Try to physically and emotionally distance yourself from the abusive person.

Abusers rely on others’ adverse reactions to gain an advantage. But by thinking about your response, you can reclaim power. It requires careful consideration of thoughts and actions. Try to maintain a calm and collected demeanor, so the abuser has trouble manipulating the situation.

Reacting outbursts are not the fault of the victim. Exposing an abuser’s manipulation can make them realize they have little control over your emotions.

If repeated or isolated acts of abuse threaten your physical or emotional well-being, call a domestic violence hotline for advice on safely leaving the situation. A safe place to talk is essential. You can also call these hotlines if you suspect a loved one is in an abusive relationship.

In Brief

When confronted with an abusive situation, it is natural to fight back physically, verbally, or emotionally. In this way, the manipulative abuser can use a powerful tool against the abused person.

Responsive abusers may use reactive abuse to “gaslight” abused victims. Anger, guilt, and stress can result from this.

Reactive outbursts are often uncontrollable stress responses. Abusers may use these outbursts against victims with personality disorders like narcissism or antisociality. That said, abusive behaviour is never justified.

Trying to think about abusive behaviour consciously can help prevent or manage reactive abuse. Domestic violence hotlines are a valuable tool if you can safely contact them.

Abuse can lead to depression, anxiety, or PTSD (.Post-traumatic stress disorder).  Nobody feels alone, and help is always available.

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