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Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income

Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income

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 Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income? You wonder about the hectic puzzle every night before to go to bed. Day in and Day out, your mind is obsessive with such a dilemma. Why Can’t you retire at a younger age with passive income? Why? You ponder. Retire young with no passive income occupied your mind.
The alarm clock strikes six.
“Hello, Good Morning, Mr. Broke, pleases gets up and ready to work.” It is the sound of the iPhone.
“Go to hell.” Mr. Broke’s tantrum throws the pillow on the iPhone. He continues his slumber. 
An hour later, “OOOO No, it is seven clocks” his mind is now thinking another dress down by his superior Miss Complaints.

Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income

Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income?

Thinking of the massive traffic jam, finally, he consumes a pain killer along with his hot beverage with pieces of empty bread that he could afford.
“Good Morning, Mr. Broke, you are 15 minutes late, so, I will inform the accounting department to deduct you a salary for 15 minutes and also you have no incentive for this month, is that all right with you.” Miss Complaints said sarcastically to him with her eyebrow rolling up.

A spectacle “unwanted” confirmed spinster; unfortunately, he is a subordinate of her. To summarize her “Living in the hell and sleeping with a slur without any appreciation” In fact, it is the slogan tailored made for her amongst their colleagues.
Although Mr. Broke graduated from one of the top Ivy University of the world, he failed his first round of interviews at Google. Why Google? As a matter of fact, he learned Google pay US$ 160 000.00 per year for a fresher. Now, it is a pipe dream for him.

Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income

Work from Home for Passive Income and retire young


Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income

Indeed, it is a privilege to work from home with flexible hours. Traffic jam is an alien word to Mr. Broke. Would it be real in the digital era? Of course, you can, provide to take the initiative to leap out from your comfort zone. In like manner, you could not find Mr. Jack Ma if he did not quit his English lecturer job in the China varsity to learn a new skill. Thus, finally, you could discard your office attire to the needy. In addition, you clad in pajamas, in no nobody business. Would it nice?

How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income

Digital Era to Retire Young and Rich

Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income?

Generally speaking, Mr. Broke often use his handphone for 5-6 hours during leisure. Chat with a cyber friend or gaming without any pay. 
“Mr. Broke, we par your handphone as you have yet to settle your last 3 months bill. Please settle all the bills before we could activate your account.” It was a voice mail from his mobile internet provider.

In the digital era, you chat with a buddy for business dealing. So, you can meet up with your friend for a cup of coffee. Genuine business dealing, no bull shit around. After all, all business transactions use to click from the handphone. Is that too hard? By the end, check your online banking.
“Wow, I had 5 digits of money in my bank account”. Mr. Broke bites his own finger to ensure it is not a dream. 

Use other people time to earn passive Income


Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income 1

Look at that smart online e entrepreneur, they are not born with a silver spoon nor have a degree, yet their business empire could match the GDP some middle-income nations. Mr. Broke ponder, “How and why” But. The fact and figures don’t lie. Again, each has 24 hours a day, regardless and no matter how hard we work. You cannot be as rich as your employer. Your employer leverage on yours and your colleague’s time to earn for him, does it sound familiar to you? In fact, you are earning an active income, no work, no pay. 

Mr. Broke, “Miss Complaints, can I take 6 months French leave with full pay”
“Sure can, Mr. Broke, please proceed to the accounting department take 2 months’ salary.” Mr. Broke has indeed bought his one-way ticket.
Without a constant flow of passive income, he could hardly survive the third month if he did not has a 6 months’ salary saving. 
Mr. Broke said to himself, “I can skip one meal, but I cannot survive a single hour without my smartphone by my side.” Is it not best to find a way to earn a reoccurring passive income with your smartphone.? Time is Never or Now. 

Zero Interest Loan

Is your company giving you a free interest loan on a house and car? Of course, some conglomerate or government-linked company gives fringe benefit to their CEO and senior management. What is your chance? Again, I am not rubbing salt to the wound, likewise, it is like climbing a pyramid bare hand without aided tool. Apparently it is not possible. In the same manner, if you are working for your parent or relative, It a totally different scenario. 
Having said that, it depends on what company you are working with. The Kuok Company does give car loans for a salesperson with zero interest. Is Mr. Broke willing to do sales or climbing the social ladder to become a CEO? Likewise, it is again built a castle in the air, isn’t?


Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income
Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income

Does your present company recognize your work hard? Of course, yes. but, in a different manner.
“Mr. Broke, you have done a good job by saving the company from tarnished the reputation by other competitors, here is your token of appreciation. The company founder cum owner with Miss Complaints standing by his side gives out the award in front of the management.
“What a token, a merely simple piece of certificate incurved with the name of the recipient and the company logo. Mr. Broke uttered.

Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income

Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income 2

Oversea holiday with full paid lodging and boarding plus the advertisement flashed across the daily newspaper. Does it sound like an Aladdin with the magic lamp, a folk tale? Of course, it is not. Later on, it follows by a gala dinner in a 5-star posh hotel with pretty sexy dance and song playing till the wee hour.
Only carry along some simple clothing, off the jet travel you to another dream destination holiday. With endless exotic and delicious meal and helpful tour guide leads your way to explore the shopping. Pamper a child, would you encore it.? 

Endless Passive Income

Most of us toil hard for the whole life, a golden handshake from the employer, and then go for your retirement. Don’t expect to pay you a passive income until you die, unless you are a government servant, that is another story. 
With a shaken knee and walk like a drunken man wonder when his next meal, seeks another job. What job can you do? You sell your youth time to your employer. In the end, what do you get? Sadly to say, Nothing. Finally, thick skin powder like an old hag, you ask for a security guard post with your previous boss. What dignity you have? 

But not to worry too much, it is the time to earn the passive income the right way with so many tunnels. Let build your stream of endless passive income in the digital world. It is never too late, but only Never or Now.

Passive Income with diversified model 


Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income

How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income

Rome was not built in a day; likewise, it is the same to build your passive income in so many various ways. Having said that, there is no fast and rigid rule, we start from the stretch. Build a solid foundation first like the Daixing Beijing international airport. A barren dusty land turns into a new 7 wonder of the world today.

There are several rich getting streamless of passive income like turn on the tap. Instead of flow out water, but it is money.

Call for Action.


Why & How to Retire Young and Rich with Passive Income 3

In the end, to sum up, any dreams or ideas in mind but not putting into action, it is just like a pipe dream. Wake up or leap out our comfort zone, Be proactive with your mind, and not like a sluggish river meandering along with its basin. Call me at + 60 013-7839857. It is never or now. Don’t be like those old folk in the home. When I was young, I suppose…..” Does this storyline sound familiar to you when you have a drink in the café? Finally, don’t be another statistic added to the silly old folk tale. It is never too late to retire young and rich with passive income.

To sum up, Action speaks louder than the word. Thus, there is a saying “No venture, no gain.” The successful journey all starts with a small step. Similarly, it applies to anyone.

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