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How to Leverage Time for Passive Income while Working?

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Leverage Time for Passive Income while Working. So, now, any passive income ideas. Does anyone know?.   Uniquely, the rule of 5 implies that 5% of the fifth billionaires control 95% of the world asset today.  It fact, they have multi-sources pf passive income, Similarly, the balance of 95% world population owned a miserable 5% of the world’s wealth. Why is that so? A point to ponder, why this could happen to us, you asked. Had your ever rubbed shoulder or mingling with those billionaires or ambassador or even royalty for dinner or talk? I did. Having to say that, you hear the saying bird of the same feather always flock together, had you ever did that?

If not, why not starts it today tries to rub shoulder with the tycoon to get some of the fortune luck on you. Anyway, it would not cost you an arm or leg, remember the maxim goes “nor venture no gain.”

How to Leverage Time for Passive Income while Working?
How to Leverage Time for Passive Income while Working?

Years ago, I had an opportunity to have a chat with a Billionaire in celebration in the Taj Mahal at Bombay. My perception of the super-rich tycoon has erased, they are just like ordinarily folk on the street, down to earth humble and witty. They well versed all in any subject, and fully equipped with a sharp focus mind. Later on, he cordially invited to his tower block showroom, with his chauffeur in a limousine at the airport. In fact, I was then a varsity student who followed up with the first encounter at the party.

Friends, go all out to have a chat with them and you would gain practical firsthand knowledge which not taught at the ivory tower. By the same token, their advice is very useful in our future in career advancement or entrepreneurship.

How to Leverage Time for Passive Income while Working?

1st Lesson on Leverage of Time for Passive Income

Of course, the 1st lesson I learn from him, leverage your time. Remember that, our leverage prime is a peak at 30 plus, it is the optimum time to venture into business. Otherwise, the middle-aged man range from 40 + has no guts for business venture gradually diminishing. Our vision merely left with the comfortable and blissful home image of raising the kids. By the time, we have passed a half-century mark; the adenine spirit completely already gone. Followed by another decade, with a sickening body, do you any energy left to venture out your comfort zone.

With one leg above to step into a grave, do you have many summers to come? After retirement, enjoy life with friends or family members. Doubtfully, some fight for their lives in the ICU of the hospital or old folk home or even worse ash to ash. Again is the called life living with a purpose?

How to Leverage Time for Passive Income while Working?
How to Leverage Time for Passive Income while Working?


By virtue of the fact, each of us has only 24 hours a day, another 8 hours of sleeping, 8 hours leverage our prime to be a money slave or your boss printing money machine. Meals time occupy at least an hour a day for a comfortable 3 meals, travel time to work consume 2 hours or even more than 3 hours depending on the city or town you are living in. The daily routine occupies another hour, how much time left to spend with your love? In reality, your gadget like a smartphone steals away your precious time for no less than 2 hours a day. Is that the life you desire for?

Honestly speaking, you are another zombie or robot living aimlessly without tomorrow. If you don’t change your mindset the way you are, in the pathetic situation. Nobody will! It is never too late to start, better late than never!

How to Leverage Time for Passive Income while Working?

How to Leverage Time for Passive Income while Working?
How to Leverage Time for Passive Income while Working?

Use Money to Buy Time

In the first place, we are the entire milking cow to the owner of the company. Likewise is the same to your superior often we refer as “boss”. How much is your secret remuneration versus final the profit taking by the real owner ratio 1: 10 or 100? In like manner, if your wages are $1000 a month, you have indeed enriched the owner with another $10000, or even $100,000.00. Isn’t it sad?

You sell your prime time or youth to them, you received a peanut reward by the month-end. Not to mention the stressful working that leads to the long term illness like heart disease or paralysis or bedridden. Is that your ultimate want?

It is an active income. If you sick confined to a nursing home for 2 years, do you have a good Samaritan continue paying 2 years wage to you or issue a walking letter?

By the same token, can we copy the successful people with wealth and plenty of leisure time, do whatsoever they please? Yes, we can. Likewise, we duplicate the style by using money to buy time to our own advantages. Scrupulous, you would say. But we can do it legal timely and consciously in this unfair world. But how you ask? Ask, is the simple advice. Use your mouth to ask the wealthy people if you have the chance. If you an introvert person, please read the book by American President Donald Triumph, “We want you to be Rich” Have you find the answer you should.

How to Leverage Time for Passive Income while Working?
How to Leverage Time for Passive Income while Working?

What is Passive Income?

What the heck with Passive Income? Do have any monthly passive income without working while you are on holiday or even sleeping? Do you have multi-stream of passive income of which you are not actively involved? The old way of derived such from rental, dividend yield from stock and lastly the interest from fixed deposit.

In light of the digital era, passive income has a new evolution like earning via affiliate program like Amazon, and they are thousands of such link. You can set up your own website or blog or even social media like Facebook, Twitter. To build a website is by no mean time consuming and require an in deep knowledge of the WordPress. But don’t worry, money can do the work for you, outsources to Fiverr at the friction of a one-month smartphone bill. The basic website you should for a start, more comprehensive as the times go by. Remember the maxim goes “Roma was not built in a day”

Passive Income Idea via Drop Ship

Likewise, it is identical to building an e-commerce website for the dropshipping store. Would you shock to learn that a marketing genius named Ben Francis at the age of 19 in 2012 founded at his mother’s garage? He was a drop Out from Aston University. moved from a failed e-commerce platform to Shopify. In 2019 it has since posted nearly $130 million in sales. With a 50% net profit margin, that translated into a whopping $ 65 million a year. Isn’t that astonishing and incredible earning with just a laptop traveling around the world?

Overall, drop-ship or e-commerce platform is a trendy phenomenon now, you either join the crowd or consequently phased out by the wave of time.

In fact, successful people dare to dream, failure is the next step to succeed, never give up, with determination and persistence. Darkness soon vanished, bright sunshine awaiting you.

As shown above, it could be a pipe dream for us. It is possible, not a miracle. In the Artificial Intelligent period, people earning billions of dollars in such a short span of time. To name a few, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma of Alibaba.

How to Leverage Time for Passive Income while Working?
How to Leverage Time for Passive Income while Working?

How to Leverage Time for Passive Income while Working?

So, why are you waiting for, Remember the maxim goes, “Thousands of miles begin with the first step” and also, “No venture No gain”? U can then link to build your first e-commerce platform in the link in the formatted.

No confidence, you can learn the thousand in the Udemy course from the beginner to advanced level. Of course, you can learn at your own pace with no hurry. You name it; they can provide and cater to your specified interest. Moreover, some instructions are extremely great help to students. They take great pain to solve your problem. In addition, the aid of a virtual assistant not to gotten to mention.

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