You are currently viewing Best Offer for  Happyjamin Homestay Hurry Limited Time Only
Best Offer for Happyjamin Homestay Hurry Limited Time Only

Best Offer for Happyjamin Homestay Hurry Limited Time Only

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Best Offer for Happyjamin Homestay Hurry Limited Time Only

Generally speaking, all business sectors have the peak and gloom season. Having said that, homestay industry is of no exception during the summertime, tourist often stays indoor stay. With the scorching heat raised to 43 degree Celsius in the Europe, heatwave perished some beggars or homeless on the pavement. Glance the shopping, the store assistant occupied the empty space, cleaning or resorting out the merchandise.

With the fearful fast-spreading globally Novel coronavirus, affecting the whole world. Furthermore with the escalating new cases reported daily, without any effective cure vaccines insight. In addition to the shortage supply of medical aid, the sluggish economy welcomed us with a big bang for the rat year 2020.  What a tragedy!

Sad to say that the hardest-hit industry is the tourism industry, for instance, airline, hotel, eating outlet and any form of accommodation like homestay too.  Indeed, most of the governments are coping and find a find way to help such sectors. Anyway, we sincerely pray that the virus pandemic would soon end.     

Happyjamin homestay during the  Stimulate Sluggish Period.

Grab on price war on hot summer sales, with discount up to 50% for obsolete product or product with soon expired date for the departmental store.. As for Happyjamin homestay, we reduce the rate to Rm 300.00 for No 1, and RM Jln 14/4, RM 350.00 for No 3 Jln 14/4 during a normal day.

Weekend and school holiday, plus eve of public holiday we offer no discount. The charge for NO 1 is RM350.00  and Rm400.00 for No 3, Jln 14/4, Tmn Permata 1, Kluang respectively. Special rate for guests with a duration of stays of more than 7 days, depending on the number of occupants.

Happyjamin homstay Upgrade Our Facilities

The no 3, we fully furnished 4 rooms with all air-conditioned, 2 water heaters in 2 separate bathrooms. Gathered for a long time guest or a big gathering, we boosted a 2 doors refrigerator in the kitchen and a 7Kg wash machine.

Best Offer for Happyjamin Homestay

Privacy Ensure

Both units of single floor semi-detached homestay are fenced with a 5 ft concrete wall to ensure the privacy of the homestay guest. Moreover, the 24 hours security guard services are provided to ensure the safety of the guest. Leave the guest peace of mind and have a sound sleep, wakefully charged and refresh the next morning.

Homestay in an orchard sanctuary

Find a homestay planted with fruit trees within the proximity of a town centre. You would affirmative a negative answer. But, in we planted tropical fruits like coconut, durian, rambutan, lemon, longan, limau nipis and mangosteen and mango and Thai lychees. The guest has the virgin experience harvested some fruit, like mango, mangosteen, coconut and rambutan. Occasionally, by lady luck, you could stumble upon a monkey enjoy chewing the mango up the branches. The fruit trees oxygenated the atmosphere and refresh the hot and humid surroundings.

Single or Double Floor

The guest pee views from outside, the exterior’s appearance as if it is a double floor instead of a single floor building. Astonishment upon step in, they search for the staircase. Wow, is their expression, praised how cooling the wall with a 20 feet height ceiling. Confrontation during the rainy cool night, some guests switched off the air-conditioned to sleep. The 30 feet long with 20 feet width hall adjourning with a dining hall is best suited for small social gatherings. The 650 square feet spacious hall even accommodated for prayers.

Cleanliness Maintenance

Ensuring the comfort of the guest stay, we changed the bedsheet and pillowcase. The blanket sends for cleaning and uses the highest temperature not only to dry but also to kill the bacterial infection. The chambermaid clean and mop the floor at least one or two days earlier before the guest check-in. Similarly, apply to the bathroom.

Call Now or Whatapps  + 60-013 7839857 for a perfect retreat at homestay in an orchard sanctuary.
Best Offer for  Happyjamin Homestay Hurry Limited Time Only
Best Offer for Happyjamin Homestay
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Why is it hard to understand life? Is it the upbringing that molds their destiny? It is super subjective. But anyway, happy-go-lucky is my philosophy, which I like to share; remember the maxim: " Joy shared is joy doubled, a sorrow shared is sorrow half." Can someone tell me why some people, before an event happens, often think of the negative outcome? For this kind of personality, they often self-blamed any unpleasant result. Why bite the sorrowful pile and live a life of misery and depression. Please cheer up!! Walking on the street, you sure stumble across less fortunate humans. Take life as a new norm, regardless of whether there is a pandemic outbreak or economic slowdown. Life is going like a passing stream; find your happiness and peaceful life.
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