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How to overcome the ugly side of work from home

How to overcome the ugly side of Work From Home

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How to overcome The Ugly Side of Work From Home

How to overcome the ugly side of work from home?  The boss informed Madam Su, a headmistress in a mission school, over the moon, smiling face to face.

But soon, she realized that she no longer had time for herself and her family. She has been a mother of 4 from primary to secondary school, with an OKU mother-in-law, bed written for a decade. A supportive business husband provides the necessary medical bill; indeed, she has less shoulder work. But soon, she releases not living in the cloud, but a hassle nuisance.

“I’ve been consistently receiving ‘urgent requests’ via WhatsApp from my boss, even as late as 10 pm. And they keep on coming no matter how late it is,” she complained to her hubby before retiring to bed—a stressful working from home life.

Overcome The Adverse Impact of Work From Home

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“I feel so burnt out, especially when I still have to work beyond normal hours while cooking and attending to my crying child. This chaotic of working, worse than being stuck in traffic every day for an hour to commute to work,” she said.

Robotic Long working from Home

Similarly, a fresh graduate who works as a digital marketing consultant, Simon Ching, 27, has been made to work even on Saturdays and Sundays. What a hack of Life! No time to chat with his sweetheart. He often feels remote of neglecting her and afraid she might dish him off. Is this we called Life?


“I’ve been clocking about 80 hours a week since we started WFH (last year) – that’s about 15 hours a day. It’s also ‘compulsory’ for my colleagues and me to share our live locations when we start work at 8 am,” he complained.

Late Lunch Hour Alone

“Once, I often have my lunch as late as 2 pm packed from a stall located a merely 2 kilometers away from home. I am renting a room with an attached bathroom, with no cooking and washing allowed by the tenant. The friendly tenant couple often brightens my day when I feel down. The loving young couple never failed to cheer me up. With their consistent encouragement, he raised his head.

Overwhelmed, Mr Simon Ching plucked up the courage to highlight the issues to his boss.

But the reply was “disappointing”. The boss knows their pledging, yet he insisted they be more productive to work in home comfort. Are we robotic employees during this digital era?


Taking an anti-anxiety medicine since last July, Mr. Simon Ching and contemplating quitting the job, but I’m worried I won’t have enough to survive till the COVID-19 pandemic is over.”

How to overcome the ugly side of work from home
How to overcome the ugly side of work from home

Madam Su and Mr. Simon Ching both are not alone. Hundreds of posts shared by social media users on social like Face, Twitter, Instagram highlighted the dark and “ugly” side of WFH during COVID 19 pandemics.

They are many untold stories facing by the working group. Moreover, some of them have pushed the edge of a cliff by taking their own Life. The worst is the abusing parent punished their children without mercy as a child hospitalized with a bruise and blue over the body, with some broken rib.

It is an urgent crisis that the government should look into and find a permanent solution. Our power-crazy politician has badly ignored the welfare of his citizen.

If you hope to achieve a more excellent work-life balance for yourself and your team, remember these guidelines:

· Don’t log in now when you wake up. Grab a coffee and adjust to your morning.
· Set a regular schedule and keep it; maintaining a routine can increase efficiency.
· Remind yourself and others to take work breaks just like they would at the office.
· Expect the unexpected. Allow added flexibility to handle responsibilities at home.

Doing a simple body stretch out during a tight schedule.

How to overcome the ugly side of work from home
How to overcome the ugly side of work from home

Once you define a precise cut-off time to end the workday, adhere to it. And if you felt under the weather or simply need some downtime, don’t be afraid to take a sick day or use your vacation hours. They called benefits for a reason; try to enjoy them.

Remote working will always pose its share of challenges. But once you make yourself aware of the different problems with working from home, it becomes easier to combat the adverse effects. You may even rekindle your love for remote work.


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