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How to live in paradise with endless money during Covid19

How to live in paradise with endless money during Covid19

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How to live in paradise with endless money during covid19


How to find money to feed oneself and family during the pandemic outbreak of Covid19? The Covid19 is never before catastrophe to the world economy. The world standstill, the factory has closed thus causing the immobility of humans on a large scale. The government of certain nations instructed lockdown or curfew a province or even a megacity. Is there any money left for the common man on the street?

People are lining up to die in hospitals with daily increasing infected patients queue up for the screening. But the government allocated priority for the medical care service, thus, the citizens receiving the aids are hardly able to survive for a month. The money allocated to the citizen whereby the employer shut down the operation merely a fraction of the monthly income.

People stay at home without another source of income. How to live in paradise without worry about the money? Moreover, how long will the Covid19 outbreak last? Do you know the answer?

Discover any vaccine? As if you are expecting a boat sailing across a mighty Pacific ocean without the aid of a compass to berth at the nearest destination? Likewise, it is the same for how long our saving will last? Do you know? Is your money can last for at least 6 months until the pandemic Covid19 is over? If not, why not think another way to find the best and easy source money or passive income in the future should any mishap befall on us again.

How to live in Paradise

Had you ever think today what is your hard-earned money is an active income. The fact speaks for itself, no works no money, wouldn’t you agree with me. Of course, you would say “I am on paid or annual or even sick or compensate leave” What other leave you have besides 3 months’ maternity for women. Do men enjoy the same 3 months’ benefit as our lady?

With the movement control order by the Malaysian government from 18th March to 31st March 2020, can you survive the RM600 for this period with a housewife and a few children on toll? Is this money sufficient for the whole family? Can you find a part-time job at this junction with all not essential industry closed down? No, absolutely not, it is like finding a needle in a haystack. Where can you find the money to feed your whole family? Rob or snatch, but in reality, the city has turned into a ghost town. How many people and the car could you see during Covid19?

Do you still follow me? What other option do you have now? If not, you are brutally I should say” You are such a dummy, brainwash by the Ivy League professor” “passed your examination and graduate with honor or postgraduate degree and find a good steady income job” Do it ring a bell to you.

Live in Paradise with money during Covid19

“E-commerce, affiliate link” sounds familiar or an alien term to you. If not, I do not know what the world you are living in. The fact, this is a digital era, at least 5% of these bloggers or e-commerce marketer making endlessly no less than 5 figures US dollars a month. They travel across the globe with a laptop with endless money flow into their PayPal account. Here is the example of my website

Well, you said, it is so hard to make a lot of money. Yes, I totally agreed with you. But nevertheless, those successful people have a strong determination and persistence to go on.

The truth is that you must follow the right mentor to guide you. It is easy to leverage their time and failure in order to gain a vast experience from them so that you can shorten the time to succeed. Here is the link whereby you can build up your own eCommerce.

Paradise Money during Covid19

Hear the insurance agent sells online during the Covid19. Yes, I do join them a long time ago. In fact, selling general insurance is much easier than you ever thought. I use Whatapps for renewal and even new cases from other nations, not locally. Thus I have no physical contact with them to avoid Covid19. Frankly speaking, I don’t sell motor insurance; it contributed less than 10% of my portfolio. My main criteria are marine insurance and medical card beside fire and loss of profit insurance.

Passive income money during Covid19
How to live in paradise with endless money during Covid19
How to live in paradise with endless money during Covid19

What is passive income money? What is a hack of passive income? Let us dive into the unit trust or mutual fund industry

But wait, do you have a clue about passive income. In a simpler term, it means you receive income money without work for it. You would argue with me “Too good to be true, but nevertheless it is truth”

Indeed, all unit trust company regular pay monthly or twice weekly to their agency force without failed as long as it has a net asset value

The passive income money or career benefit based on individual agent net assets valued at the end of the month. Similar to your take-home monthly, would you like to grab it yourself.

Monthly passive income money is again depending on the hierarchy ranking.

Agent Supervisor with a range of monthly RM1K to 2K, on top of the 5% and 6.5% subsidiary of car and housing loan. The car loan caps at RM50K and housing from minimum Rm100K to RM200K.

RM2k to 7K on average for Agent Manager with car loan limited to RM100K and house loan RM100K to 500K with 5% and 6.5% subsidiary respectively.

As for the Group Agency Manager, humbly they could easily receive Rm6k to 10K. Some of the top group agency managers earn more than RM100k monthly on this passive income money. Of course, as usual, the car loan of RM150K and a dream bungalow of up to Rm1 million. Have your ever thought of a dream house of RM 1 million with no interest attached payable up to 70 years of age?

live in paradise with endless money during Covid19
live in paradise with endless money during Covid19

Even our own government servant has to pay 4% interest per annum tenure until 65 of age. What you have to say, are unit trust consult not live in paradise with endless money?

By the way, before my conclusion, do you sincerely want to join me to live in paradise with endless money during Covid19. If so, please take your initiative first step.

Lastly, you can get your passive income money endless by lifting your finger by a

call now or Whatsapps me on +60 013 7839857.

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