Jobless Graduate Why Seek A Job Of Broke?

Jobless graduate why seek a Job of Broke?

Today, a thousand of graduates flooding the job market each year, with the global economic slowdown forecast next year. Banking and petroleum sector are either laid off their employee or reducing the workforce to keep the business afloat during a trying time. Without any vacancy being created, how the freshmen are able to find their dream job?

Launching – the HSBC Plan to Slash Thousands of Jobs.

Shell to Cut 2,200 More Jobs in Face of Weak Oil Prices

Even though the fresher read it, yet Unemployed Graduate still Seeking 9 to 5 Job of Broke (JOB). I can’t understand why????

Why seek A Job

The Unemployed graduate is very choosy with job environment and starting salary, demanding more remuneration and unwilling long hour working.

“What is the normal office working hour?

“How many days annual leave?”

“Is there any year-end bonus?”

“What is your expected salary? a future potential employer asked.

“$3 500 – 4 000, any lesser amount, I will not consider.”

With the kind of salary, they marginalized with the high cost of living in the city.

Peer impressive, they start buying a car to shuttle around the city. Clubbing during the weekend and buying the latest tablets to display their new gadget to the office staff.Wearing branded clothing, shoes and woman using the limited edition of a handbag using the credit card, they would over their moon when the payday comes and making a beeline going for bargain sale.

14 days later, the credit card bill arrives at their door or mailbox, pays the least, a snowball effect with the compounding interest, causing them breathless. A cup of Milo with a toast of bread with butter and jam, naturally, skipping lunch and eat instant noodle before retiring to bed.

6 months down the road, the bank tows their car away subsequently, will sue them for bankruptcy a year later.Finding a part-time job is their option, moonlight deprives their sleep that affecting their daily job, the boss fires them, out of job again.

Please do some soul-searching it is unwise to trade your time for money. Making the employer rich, not you, by paying you $1 000, they expect you to help them to earn at $5 00, nevertheless a peanut salary increment of 3-5% per year. Living from hand-to-mouth, doubtfully, can they out beat the inflation around 7-8% depending on your lifestyle and area of living?

Ask any fresh graduate,

“Do you want to accept the job offer for a Marketing or Sale Executive in our establishment?

“Sorry, I am not interested!” straight from their mouth without any hesitation.

“Estate trainee manager”

“No, sir”

Why Not Doing Something Else?

Instead of writing many resumes that either land in the wastebasket or trash in the mail, why not doing something else? Looking around, there are abundant jobs to grab unless the graduate willing to accept a lower salary or part-time job instead of idle around gossip in town or be a 24 hours “smombie”. Learning a new skill or e-commerce or online marketing, wasting waste time and money to get master or Ph.D. degree which theory based which landing you nowhere in the job market that requires a few solid experience. you can write or hire freelancer writer, your potential earning could be US$22 000.00 a month instead of spending your precious resources on the latest gossip on Facebook.


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