How to live in paradise with endless money during Covid19

How to live in paradise with endless money during Covid19

How to live in paradise with endless money during covid19


How to find money to feed oneself and family during the pandemic outbreak of Covid19? The Covid19 is never before catastrophe to the world economy. The world standstill, the factory has closed thus causing the immobility of humans on a large scale. The government of certain nations instructed lockdown or curfew a province or even a megacity. Is there any money left for the common man on the street?

People are lining up to die in hospitals with daily increasing infected patients queue up for the screening. But the government allocated priority for the medical care service, thus, the citizens receiving the aids are hardly able to survive for a month. The money allocated to the citizen whereby the employer shut down the operation merely a fraction of the monthly income.

People stay at home without another source of income. How to live in paradise without worry about the money? Moreover, how long will the Covid19 outbreak last? Do you know the answer?

Discover any vaccine? As if you are expecting a boat sailing across a mighty Pacific ocean without the aid of a compass to berth at the nearest destination? Likewise, it is the same for how long our saving will last? Do you know? Is your money can last for at least 6 months until the pandemic Covid19 is over? If not, why not think another way to find the best and easy source money or passive income in the future should any mishap befall on us again.

How to live in Paradise

Had you ever think today what is your hard-earned money is an active income. The fact speaks for itself, no works no money, wouldn’t you agree with me. Of course, you would say “I am on paid or annual or even sick or compensate leave” What other leave you have besides 3 months’ maternity for women. Do men enjoy the same 3 months’ benefit as our lady?

With the movement control order by the Malaysian government from 18th March to 31st March 2020, can you survive the RM600 for this period with a housewife and a few children on toll? Is this money sufficient for the whole family? Can you find a part-time job at this junction with all not essential industry closed down? No, absolutely not, it is like finding a needle in a haystack. Where can you find the money to feed your whole family? Rob or snatch, but in reality, the city has turned into a ghost town. How many people and the car could you see during Covid19?

Do you still follow me? What other option do you have now? If not, you are brutally I should say” You are such a dummy, brainwash by the Ivy League professor” “passed your examination and graduate with honor or postgraduate degree and find a good steady income job” Do it ring a bell to you.

Live in Paradise with money during Covid19

“E-commerce, affiliate link” sounds familiar or an alien term to you. If not, I do not know what the world you are living in. The fact, this is a digital era, at least 5% of these bloggers or e-commerce marketer making endlessly no less than 5 figures US dollars a month. They travel across the globe with a laptop with endless money flow into their PayPal account. Here is the example of my website

Well, you said, it is so hard to make a lot of money. Yes, I totally agreed with you. But nevertheless, those successful people have a strong determination and persistence to go on.

The truth is that you must follow the right mentor to guide you. It is easy to leverage their time and failure in order to gain a vast experience from them so that you can shorten the time to succeed. Here is the link whereby you can build up your own eCommerce.

Paradise Money during Covid19

Hear the insurance agent sells online during the Covid19. Yes, I do join them a long time ago. In fact, selling general insurance is much easier than you ever thought. I use Whatapps for renewal and even new cases from other nations, not locally. Thus I have no physical contact with them to avoid Covid19. Frankly speaking, I don’t sell motor insurance; it contributed less than 10% of my portfolio. My main criteria are marine insurance and medical card beside fire and loss of profit insurance.

Passive income money during Covid19
How to live in paradise with endless money during Covid19
How to live in paradise with endless money during Covid19

What is passive income money? What is a hack of passive income? Let us dive into the unit trust or mutual fund industry

But wait, do you have a clue about passive income. In a simpler term, it means you receive income money without work for it. You would argue with me “Too good to be true, but nevertheless it is truth”

Indeed, all unit trust company regular pay monthly or twice weekly to their agency force without failed as long as it has a net asset value

The passive income money or career benefit based on individual agent net assets valued at the end of the month. Similar to your take-home monthly, would you like to grab it yourself.

Monthly passive income money is again depending on the hierarchy ranking.

Agent Supervisor with a range of monthly RM1K to 2K, on top of the 5% and 6.5% subsidiary of car and housing loan. The car loan caps at RM50K and housing from minimum Rm100K to RM200K.

RM2k to 7K on average for Agent Manager with car loan limited to RM100K and house loan RM100K to 500K with 5% and 6.5% subsidiary respectively.

As for the Group Agency Manager, humbly they could easily receive Rm6k to 10K. Some of the top group agency managers earn more than RM100k monthly on this passive income money. Of course, as usual, the car loan of RM150K and a dream bungalow of up to Rm1 million. Have your ever thought of a dream house of RM 1 million with no interest attached payable up to 70 years of age?

live in paradise with endless money during Covid19
live in paradise with endless money during Covid19

Even our own government servant has to pay 4% interest per annum tenure until 65 of age. What you have to say, are unit trust consult not live in paradise with endless money?

By the way, before my conclusion, do you sincerely want to join me to live in paradise with endless money during Covid19. If so, please take your initiative first step.

Lastly, you can get your passive income money endless by lifting your finger by a

call now or Whatsapps me on +60 013 7839857.

Be alert not legally scam by linked insurance now

Be alert not legally scam by linked insurance now

Be alert not legally scam by linked insurance now

Nowadays, often you read or hear or see in social media been scam by the unscrupulous scammer. But, have you ever hear you are been legally scam by the insurance company. Why did I say that? Because I am the victim, moreover, ironically like added salt to my wound as I was an insurance agent myself.

Not blowing my own trumpet having passed the Chartered Insurance Institute with Distinction on my final marine claim and underwriting. I was an associated member of AAII, AMII, and CII after passed all my 6 objective papers and 3 hours written 13 subject papers. Also, I am a Marine adjuster licensed by Bank Negara. Having said that, do you think I would be much better off than people walking on the street to understand the policy contents? Likewise, would you agree I can interpret much better than some qualified life insurance agents? I joined full-time corporative Marketing personnel in a conglomerate public listed general insurance establishment in 1994. Prior to this, I handled mainly with Marine cargo insurance in 1981.

But the truth speaks for itself; I too fall as a victim by the legal scam of the insurance company.

Be alert not legally scam by linked insurance now
Be alert not legally scam by linked insurance now

Be alert not legally scammed by Insurance

“You are stupid, why you don’t consult your immediate up line” sarcastically said.
“Well, my immediate only an STPM holder, furthermore, his up line merely an M.C.E qualification”
“Because, you are too ego seek advice from them” Both of my up lines are from East Malaysia, at the time there is no WhatApps. Now, I hope you understand my situation.
“You don’t go for training” You are wrong. I attended and enjoyed the sharing training with zest with a lot of questions. In fact, I arrived earlier before the training with a notebook and pen. I scrapped the entire note as if I attended a lecturer or tutorial.

How insurance can scam you

I joined the life insurance in 2005 after my relative knew my predicament of Rm250K overdraft loan with a local bank. Eagerly I signed up and sat for the life and investment-linked examination. Nothing too proud of, of course, I passed with a distinction with less than an hour in the examination, In late December 2004, the 3 hours objective paper. Mind you, we still used a 2B pencil to shade the correct answer. After that, we waited for weeks for the results from the insurance company that we had earlier signed as an insurance agent.

Meanwhile, waiting for the result, I start to read a book on a life insurance policy. But to my astonished, in fact, the most popular product is the investment-linked insurance, besides the endowment policy. Why no term insurance? Please ask the insurance company, but the agent point of view, 10% commission not attractive enough to put the hard work. On top of that, it is a cheap premium without any saving in nature.

Anyone can answer me “what is the purpose of life insurance” Protection. Isn’t correct? If you say “saving” is ill-informed by the insurance agent. Unit trust or mutual fund or even bond gives a better return than the fixed deposit. Obviously, it is not the investment-linked product that you have purchased from a life insurance company.

Be alert why insurance can scam policyholder

All in all, when you approach by an insurance agent for life policy, do you really know what product suit your criteria? Even with the fact-finding and your financial standing. You are pretty sure the insurance would propose 3 in one policy to you. Namely, the only choice left for you is the investment-linked 36 critical illnesses. And of course not forget the utmost important medical card and waiver of premium rider that you need the most. Is that a level term insurance regardless of the entry age?

Besides the 110% commission payable to an insurance agent, how much left for the investment compared with 5.5% charges for unit trust. Even cheaper if you parked your hard-earned money in the 3.75% e investment and 1% for bond charges. Frankly speaking, even a primary school student would able to answer which is more premium in comparison.

Be alert not legally scam by linked insurance now

Non-Transparency Investment-linked Insurance

Had your ever cross your mind the reason why insurer promoted fiercely. It can legally con the insured, am I not wrong to say that. Faithfully, you pay the premium via credit or debit card without pay every month. The dear insured had ever received a small booklet stating the percentage of the premium. Which sector of the industry, for instance, telecommunications, consumer product, finance, technology, energy? Also, is it invested locally or abroad? Which country with the breakdown in percentage invested, for example, Japan, USA, China, regional or the Asia Pacific? What about the management fee and trustee fee per year?

Affirmative you would say “NO” Truly; the insurance company is no transparent toward the insured. This is legally scamming the insured, wouldn’t you agree? Year-end, you would receive a copy of the mail stated the balance unit and the net asset value. If the unit trust or mutual company can deliver a brochure with details of the percentage of major companies that had invested, likewise, why can’t the insurance do the same? Thus, it lacks transparency to the insured.

How insurance scam policyholder

After all, you ask me where is evidence. Hereby, let me illustrated you with proof to you with the actual scenario. Of course, I have deleted the insurer name for the view of the general public, and also, not to tarnish the reputation of the insurer.

I signed up for the policy in 2010, to cover part of my renovation housing loan of Rm250k for the tenure of 18 years. Why RM30K sum insured, not the RM250k as I have other life policies? I did the auto-debit from my visa card monthly of RM250.00. Why not is the mortgage reducing loan or mortgage reducing term loan? Please refer to my website On top of that, the training facilitator always emphasis on the investment-linked product for saving purpose. How far it true now, let use your acumen to be my judge?

After paying RM21 500.00 due to the “premium holiday”, I stop the payment for a while. Moreover, when I purchased a programmer from the USA for e-Commerce at home, the counter clones my visa credit card of US$69.00 after a week. I alert the bank to cancel and replace me with a fresh visa credit card. As I engrossed to master the new subject, I forgot to inform the insurer. But, nevertheless, I only blamed my forgetfulness and moreover thinking of premium holiday.

Be alert not legally scam by linked insurance now

Gentle warming reminder from insurance

To my dismay, a 5 pages letter arrived at my letterbox. The insurance stated that charge due date on 12 Sept 2019 with only a value of RM889.55. Given the option 1 of paying up with addition a regular top-up of 391.00/month based on last premium due date. Your proposed total premium of RM641.00/month, why the word you proposed?

For your information, in the contract of insurance law, you as an insured offer your premium as a consideration to the insurance company. It depends on the insurer to accept or reject your offer.

Or perhaps, financial sound, I could pay up the outstanding premium of Rm6K from the premium holiday commenced from 12 Oct 2017 to 12 Sept 2019.
Moreover, the investment amount is only 95% of your premium paid. Despite the fact, you are aware the agent commission stops at year 6. Why not the full amount paid? The insurance hijacked your 5% premium payable, would not agree with me?

The option 2, absolutely insane, makes a single top-up premium of RM 107,954.00. If you can pay up such a big chunk of money, would you pay for it? Just pay a paper contract of promise? Again, have you considered your other opportunity cost for it?

Also, another option 3 is to increase the basic premium or reduced sum insured or removed some riders. Thus, by doing so, you pay lesser premiums to reduce your burden?

Indeed, I am at the crossroad, could anyone lent me your hand to solve this crisis.


The shocking truth of insurance scam

I left penniless on 12 Jan 2020 if I do nothing of it. How sad! After paid Rm21500.00, you get nothing in return? Is that called saving by investment-linked product? You tell me. Legal scam by the insurer is the true fact. Protection and coverage you say for almost a decade? My feet!

Further, the fund return is a projection return range from 4% to 7%. It sounds so good to be true, isn’t it? Anyway, it is still a projection, what is the fund manager doing? Sleep on the job. Of course, you could predict the future return. But the past record was a historical figure, but it did not reflect the good return here.


Let me illustrated here. Let us take Rm125.00 monthly top up with 4% interest per annum, After 7 years you would get Rm12 267.09. Please bear in mind I only use Rm125.00 (i.e. 50% for the whole 7 years) of the premium paid to derive this figure. How could we stomach this Rm899.55? Don’t tell me is a saving principle element here. OR scam! Is it fair to the policyholder, where shall we seek justice?

Be alert not legally scam by linked insurance now
Be alert not legally scam by linked insurance now

Without further ado, let us dive deeper, why I took 50% of the premium paid for the investment. There is a higher premium for the age entry, the younger, lesser premium charge, with a better-off return also bigger sum insured. The older you are, you pay more premiums, less coverage and less return in a shorter span of time. That is the main reason, it is better to have insurance coverage at a younger age of entry. 

Insurance coverage Scam Be alert

Additionally, it covers another 4 years for my total permanent disablement. Isn’t it like rubbing salt to my wound? The termination covers stop at when you attain the age of 65. If you longer than a day, a mishap when you slip and fall and bedridden, no payment for the RM30k. Thus, you have to pray no accident befalls on you until you are 100 of age.

With a basic sum insured of RM30K for the life and 36 critical illnesses each respectively, thus gives a total sum insured of RM60K. If you die with the coverage period, you would receive RM60K by your next of kin. Of course in addition to some fund return still based on projection.

Ignored the earlier payment of RM21 500.00, let us take a single up premium payment of RM107,954.00, what is the opportunity cost of this amount in comparison with the sum insured of RM60K.

Assuming the lower return of 4% with a 39 years period as given by the insurance company fund manager and actuarial calculation, finally, you reward with a handsome better return by the insurance. It is a no brainy science; use the simple interest compound interest. In the end, you get a small fortune of RM498 355.17. The interest alone you gain to stand for RM 390 401.17 that is 78% and your principal of 22%.


You are a millionaire if we use 7% with the 39 years tenure and the same principle. Voila, the final reward is RM $1,510,796.84. Would you prefer the Rm1.5 million or the RM60K plus some uncertainty interest return?

The worst case of scamming scenario

Be alert not legally scam by linked insurance now

Please refer to the page, after paid-up faithfully for 7 years, it really made my heart boiling to the maximum on the last page stated the projection figures are for sales illustration only.

Be alert not legally scam by linked insurance now


Conclusion: Be alert not legally scam by linked insurance now

Now, all things consider and in the final analysis, had you ever stumbled across life insurance under receivership? Certainly, for sure there is none. With is kind of peanut return, are we not a legal scam victim by the insurance.?

The investment-linked insurance designed by the actuarial for protection and saving elements. I reserve my comment. I really don’t know.
Is the insurance company really scammed the policyholder or taking us for a ride? By now, you know the sincere answer.

Wrapping here, my final word, please read and digest your policy within the 14 days grace period upon receiving from the agent. Please surrender the policy and seek a full refund with no question by the insurance company if you find out it is worthless a contract of insurance that not up to your satisfaction.

Lastly, I sincerely hope to get your valuable comment or feedback for me to improve and share with others to avoid future mistakes like I did. 


Healthy Mutton Biryani the best in Kluang

Healthy Kluang Desa Mutton Biryani Best Favourite Choice


Healthy Mutton Biryani the best in Kluang

As a matter of fact, Kluang is not only famed for the Kluang Coffee due to the fact they are more 500 plus coffee kiosk. But to sadly, The Kluang the best healthy mutton biryani has often marginalized. Had you ever try the Kluang Tmn Desa Halal healthy mutton biryani. If no, then I would say you have not to visit Kluang. Why? You would ask me? The fact says for itself. I am not blowing my trumpet here. The mutton biryani is the best in Kluang judging from the 3 to 4 operation hours each day. Would you cross your mind, which restaurant opens for a few hours of trading? I am sure it is none.

Moreover, the shop not only sells mutton biryani rice but also the chicken biryani rice too. However, It operates daily from 10.30 am to 1.30 pm, after the addict customers devour all the mutton biryani. Is it surprising to you? What the hack the owner only opens for a few hours in a day. But, nevertheless, the truth speaks for itself.

Origin of Mutton Biryani

Healthy Mutton Biryani the best in Kluang
Healthy Mutton Biryani the best in Kluang

In fact, mutton biryani is a healthy nutritional food providing you with immunity power. It is not only healthy for the body but also increases the strength of the bone. Also, you can consume mutton biryani along with side dishes such as pappadam, salad, and pickles.


However, there are many versions of the origin of biryani. But, it noted mainly origin during the Moghul Empire in the Indian south continent.

But the main basic ingredient remains the same with many spices added to the mutton in order to enhance the flavor. The chef uses mainly boiled the long grain rice with some spices adding to it in India subcontinent. Whereas the Middle East mainly the Arab prefer to eat Nan instead of the rice, but nevertheless it is still mutton or lamb biryani.


Hyderabad Mutton Biryani


Remember vividly, I first tasted the best mutton biryani that I had ever eaten in a restaurant. It was a stone throw away from the main gate of the Osmania Medical College in Hyderabad. Extremely hot and spices with fresh dried raisin added into the rice. After 30 minutes of devouring, my Iranian friend dashed off to the toilet.


“What happened to you Ali, are you alright?


“Jamin, the hot and spices mutton biryani. I feel the burning sensation around my anus. I not used to take hot chili spices food back home.” he explained.


Kluang Healthy Mutton Biryani


Truly, the tasty finger licking Kluang Desa Biryani, if you had not tried it, that implied that you have not to visit Kluang. Ask the Kluang folks, they would proudly inform you of the exact location. The Kluang Desa mutton biryani is a double story shop lot situated parallel to the main road between Kluang and Air Hitam. When you arrive at Kluang Desa from the North-South Highway exit to Kluang town. Then, you would notice a traffic light junction before you take a left turn, in front of the Petronas kiosk. The sibling affair business runs for almost 2 decades by two brothers in Taman Desa, Kluang.


Mutton biryani sold out


In fact, on a normal day, it starts to serve the throng of customers queuing up as early as 10.30 am. 2 large pots of Basmati long grain rice would finish by 12.30 pm. I feel sorry for the latecomer. You can choose either mutton or chicken with side order like pappadam beside the cucumber and pineapple “achar”. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to sip a cup of cool lemon ice refreshing drink to round up your meal?


But what a pity, as it occupies only one shop lot, so, it is not spacious for the crowd. Thus, the customer prefers to pack their food eating in the air-conditioning office or at home. Likewise, it is a setback for patron indeed. But once you have eaten, you would come back for more. People would not mind eating with full perspiration under the oscillating fan as long as the food is authentic and delicious.


Healthy Mutton Biryani the best in Kluang, is a must-try for your 
next visit to Kluang.

How to Live in Paradise with Cash Endlessly

How to Live in Paradise with Cash Endlessly

How to Live in Paradise with Cash Endlessly

Extraordinarily insane, you would say the tile. In the first place, is it attainable? Had you ever read the book” The millionaires next door”. That super-rich lives in a frugal lifestyle sleep with a pile of cash sleeping on the pillow. In fact, they are living in Paradise with plenty of leisure time and traveling around the world, and of course, Cash. Indeed, the cash is King, with a tap of flow out cash endlessly. Let us unwrap the secret, there is no concealment.

How to Live in Paradise with Cash Endlessly


As can be seen, by yourself, what are you doing in the morning from Monday to Friday? Sadly, you would answer,” prepare to beat the traffic jam or stuff in the packed sardine train or bus compartment.” Is that what you have in the thought and learned in school or university? Anyway, we cannot blame you, but our education system.


“Oh, my dear, study hard and obtain a flying color result and find a good remuneration job when you are graduated” Does this statement ring a bell to you. ” Countless time” you reply.


Now, raise the question,” Do you want to live in Paradise with cash endlessly?” “Yes,” even the dummy would reply to you.


But, why are you still live in fortnight paychecks? You graduated with an Honors degree from an ivy varsity. Do you that Marketing is the highest reward career. In a nutshell, even corporate CEO rise from the Marketing Department.


Fear to talk to a stranger: Do you fear to ask a stranger when you cannot locate a place?


Job Security: Do your letter of appointment stated you are hired for your whole life?


Promotion: You determine your fast promotion.


Now, comes the serious question:-” what is a career”


Be own entrepreneur/Consultant

In the first place, had you ever think of setting up your own business? What is the initial capital outlay? Astonishing, it requires a vast sum at the beginning. Moreover, not to mention the numerous licenses need to apply. Time-consuming, isn’t it so? Furthermore, you need to burn some of your saved money vanishing into the thin with a few sales. Sadly to say, it cannot even cover the overhead expenses like maintenance fee, electricity, water, and wages.

Overall, you need a few years to have a breakeven that is speaking from own experience ventured into a logistic company over a decade. I did marketing followed my own lorry driver canvass from shop to factories. Helped my driver to load the cargo to gain 1st hand experience. Not to mention the working under the sultry hot sun with fast exhaustion, but also cultivated my determination and persistence in life.

“You are stupid!” “Why don’t you operate a retail shop? No sunburn and enjoy the cool breeze of the air-conditioned. Yes, this is true. I totally agreed with you.

However, do you think the customer will flock to your shop daily for a transaction? Are you an established brand store with a lot of cash flow? How long can you compete with them? Not only that, can you compete with an online store with a rocket bottom set up fee with the one-man show? Likewise, in the same manner, people prefer to buy online with good delivery at their door, avoid traffic jams and prickly heat.

But not to dismay, there is always a silver lining in the gloomy sky.

Why Marketing Industry – live in Paradise with cash


I closed the logistics company after ran over a decade. Of course, I did make a little fortune. The scarcity of honest and industrious driver couples with the raining toll cost. Moreover, it requires high maintenance of a fleet of Lorries, in addition to the stress in the wee hours of the morning.

“Boss, the lorry breaks down with a full load of cargo, please sent a spare lorry to transport the said to the port.” The driver’s call really drives me to nut interrupt my sleep.

Beside, ran a transport, I also did Corporative Marketing for a general insurer. I quitted the 9-5 job as a Business Development Manager after 5 years becomes a full-time marketer in the 1998 Asian Finance Crisis. Alas, I find out I could not recruit agents like the Life insurance industry. How sad!

I called and met my mutual fund consultant, without any question, I signed up with him in late November 2002, and sat he written examination in Dec 2002. A month later became a mutual fund consultant. The rest is history.


Flexible working Hour

I kissed the traffic jam forever goodbye. Gone are days earlier morning rush to beat the congestion hour. Moreover, most of the customers would busy with daily work with a tea break at 10 am. I plan my appointment schedule. I closed sell easily at the lunch hour or tea break, very informal style, In the case of marine or fire mega risk, I require to do with a quotation and a few follow-ups.

Financial Independent

In fact, most of us are a moron in finance aspects. Financial savvy is indeed lacking among the elite group of society like those professionals. Engineer, professor, lawyer and underwriter like me included. I was a dummy too. After closing a marine case, I dashed to purchase a Canon Camera with lens and accessories amounting to more than RM50k, and some spare went for a holiday for shooting. Not to mention the Sony video tagged along.

In the end, mutual or unit trust thought me never purchased a book written by a finance professor, it is all theory. In the same fashion, if they are so knowledgeable, why they still teach in the U. Don’t ever listen to their noble excuses “Because I like to impart knowledge”. Absolutely B.S! In fact, a mountain of mortgage debt to cater for even they retire.

So, what book you recommend to read? Look for a book by those authors who once broke and later raising up millionaires. Like books such as written by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump “Why we want you to be rich”. Equally important is the books written by Tony Robbins for positive energy vibration to your brain. It transforms you from a pessimist to optimist.

Then, again, don’t venture into the share market unless you mastering the hedge fund. Your individual capital is a tiny drop of water in the ocean in comparison with the hedge fund player. Be wise; don’t fight with a sword with a bomb.

Types of Income

Frankly speaking, you toil hard for your company. How many types of income you entitled. Namely, you reward with a monthly salary, bonus, and allowance incentives like shift, meal, and transport. But in mutual, they are 8 kinds of income namely, commission, override commission, break bonus, parallel bonus, group bonus, year-end bonus, group overriding, and lastly the most important monthly career benefits. Uniquely, the career benefit only avails in the mutual trust industry, absence in life insurance. So, they are 8 types of income stream flow in your pocket.

Equally important is the career benefit, it flows cash endlessly even though zero sales for the whole year, so you can live in paradise. Which sectors pay you that? Just like the Cantonese saying “Where do you find edible frog jumping in the street?”

Publicity Announcement for Recognition of hard work

Ask yourself this question, “if you achieve your target” What your company rewarded you. “Just a trophy”

How to Live in Paradise with Cash Endlessly

But, here in the paradise living, they recognized your effort with incentive free oversea trip and publicized in the local daily newspaper with name and your image. Practically, you bring nothing except your body and personal items, the rest are catering for you with five-star services with ample delicious food. Of course, they dedicated travel guides to plan your smooth seamless tour. Plenty of leisure shopping time, you can shop like a fifth rich tycoon without the blinking of your eyelid. In fact, I added a few kilos in my belly in such a trip.

Loan Subsidies

To say nothing of, do you establishment gives loan subsidies with no string attached the tenure of working period. “Fat Hope, you can fly kite”.

In paradise living, you are giving 6.5% and 5% respectively for housing and car loan. Range from Rm100K the minimum to Maximum of RM 1million for the house. Depending on your ranking Agent supervisor maximum allows it is RM200k. Agent Manager RM500K and lastly the Group Agency Manager of RM 1million for the house.

The Car subsidy gives RM50K for supervisor, RM100K for manager and RM150k for Group Agency manager.

With the surplus cash, are you not living the paradise for up 70 years of age for a house and 10-year loan tenure for a car?

Noble Job

When you work for other people, you have enriched your owner getting rich, while you are getting poorer. Permanently disablement or bedridden, terminated is the only option for you. What a tragedy, your hard work in the past not appreciated. Is that so-called job security for life?

In paradise with cash flow endlessly, the public needs your guidance for financial savvy and freedom financially. Depend solely on active income is not financial freedom. Again, I narrated my own experience, I almost in bankrupt stages when I joined the industry with ¼ of million in debts. Never trust or greedy. Saves a little and invest in the heyday. Spend all the hard earn commission for the endless desire to want. That was the reason for my downfall.

Through unit trust and coupled with the practice of positive energy vibration learned from Master Tony Robbins. 4 summers lapsed; I purchased a house in cash.

Likewise, in the same manner, I guide one of the investors instead of saving in Fixed Deposit but invested in the unit trust. 8 years later, he purchased a condominium in cash at Johor Bahru. Not to mention, there is a surplus equally the same amount of the condominium price, isn’t it a noble job.

Training & Development

No matter, how skillful in your job, you need constant training. Otherwise, you are obsolete like the Kodak Film. Equally important in the mutual fund industry, always update the knowledge from the technical aspects to human touch. As we can see from the smartphone, it keeps on rolling out a new update version of new generation gadgets. Not to forget the digital apps application download from the company.

Invite the fund manager to share and update information, not only to a consultant but also to the unitholder. The company also paid generously to prominent outside speakers to spur the motivation in human touch and relation to consultants? What else could we ask for?

Be it a workshop or seminar, with full participation the consultant. Indeed, a joyful session.



If you are the department upon retirement, can you groom your child to take your position? Absolutely No, unless you work for your father company or you own, am I right?

But in this sector, you are grooming your child to take over your position even with a high school certificate for Group Agency Manager.

Unfortunately, if you are unable to groom your kid in time, but you’re next of kin would allow enjoying for cash flow endlessly for the next 5 years based on Nav. In the same way, will your boss treat you this way?


Build up Net asset value for Passive Income

Net asset value is the meaning. When your unit holder invests in a mutual fund, over the year, the accumulation unit of growth, despite the price is down.

Let us say the initial investment of RM100K with 25 cents per unit ignored the sales charge here which is insignificant over a period of 10 years. Thus, 400K units cost with an average price of 25 cents per unit. With distribution payout, initially, he 400K units accumulate 4 million units over 10 years period. Currently, the fear assault of the Covid-19, the price drop to 10 cents per unit. Unlike in the stock, unit trust, the longer you keep, the capital grows. Thus 4million unit x 10 = RM400 000.00. From 6 months later, you are enjoying the career benefit of monthly passive income endlessly without fail.

How to Live in Paradise with Cash Endlessly
How to Live in Paradise with Cash Endlessly


Gradually, your net asset values grow tremendously if the unitholder leaves for 30 years and later on passed it their children or grandchildren without any unnecessary redemption.

How to Live in Paradise with Cash Endlessly

No surprise, some top leaders earning more than RM100k from the career benefit of passive income. Indeed they are life on Paradise with cash flow endlessly.

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Why Life Insurance, Prospect Avoid you like Plague?

Why Life Insurance, Prospect Avoid you like Plague?

Why Life Insurance, Prospect Avoid you like Plague?

Why buy Life Insurance, Prospect Avoid you like Plague at all cost. Regrettably, the Malaysian life insurance penetration is merely 56% of the total population in 2016. It implied that the balance 44% of the citizen have no life insurance. Or it could be ignorance or let fate decide your destiny. The worst scenario could be an inborn defect, the underwriter rejects their application. Why we have such a pathetic scenario? Blame the pyramid, the insurer, agent and the assured. Sadly to say, all the three bear their share of responsibility.

Not only, had no insurance but also sometimes the insured have the sum insured purchased inadequately. Usually, the average amount is about RM100, 000.00 to RM150, 000.00. With this meager sum, can it feed your beloved one or dependent for 5 or 10 years if one day you forget to return home? In fact, the adequately amount varied between urban or rural living plus also the working spouse or children. Nevertheless, the meager sum insured is hardly enough to last for a year living in the city. Like rubbing salt to the wound, can we survive with 2 or 3 kids in toll for a single parent?

Why Buy Life Insurance.Why Life Insurance, Prospect Avoid you like Plague?

Is it the responsibility of a parent to take care of the children’s welfare when one demises? Very often, we heard the sobbing story of cool-blooded landlord eradicated single parents out from their rental home. Subsequently, like adding fuel to fire, the bank publicly auctions off the roof over their head if you default for 6 months payment. In true fact, the bank often shuts off the umbrella when you don’t have life insurance or MRTA to cover the loan tenure.

The Kid suffer without life insurance left by parent

By the same token, the innocent child is also the victim when one parent remarried. Stepparent often preys on the defenseless kid. Recently, a newspaper reported rape, physically tortured with multiple cut and bruises and old wounds over the emaciated kid body. The police rescued a retarded boy from the evil mother. The shocking reason given, chained the boy like a dog in a small cage preventing him from strolled out. Can your soul be rest in peace if someone does to your child? Unless you are heartless, no human can bear to see the suffering of abusive and inhumane tortured. Even the beast-like tiger does not devour on the offspring.

Why Life Insurance, Prospect Avoid you like Plague?

Expensive to have life insurance policy

In the ever-burgeoning budget of a newly married couple with a kid, indeed life insurance is a luxury item. Coupling with the car loan, parking, fuel and maintenance, insurance and road tax eat up a chunk of their salary each month. Moreover, there is the student loan, housing repayment, utility bill, an emergency fund like a kid doctor bill and a love gift to aged parents. Luckily, if they could have a break-even or a blessing to have a tiny disposal income left for saving. With a tight budget, any extra is beyond their mean and classified as a “luxurious” item like buying life insurance.

Get the Qualified Agent

Needless to say, it is advisable for such a young family to have affordable term life insurance. In fact, it cost merely a daily high tea at a local café. Contradict to the agent not to buy term but investment or whole life policy. If the agent insists on all sorts of reasons, it is time to kiss the agent forever goodbye. Why? As a matter of fact, the agent only bothers their fat commission, not your pocket. What is the chance of a lapsed policy in the due course? Thus the result is about 60%.

In the same manner, if you could afford, what is your opinion you prefer pricey life insurance compared with a bedridden spouse or kid at home to maintain? Death is an instant relief, but the loved ones have undergone lifelong grief. So why turn yourself an irresponsible parent? You could be curse subsequently by those still alive struggling to meet day end need?

I lead a healthy lifestyle, No Need Life Insurance.

Why Life Insurance, Prospect Avoid you like Plague?

Nowadays, insurance agent always complaint is difficult to close a sale with the young and active people. The yuppie leads a healthy lifestyle to visit the gym 5 days a week after work. Likewise, they eat the meal moderately due to health and the utmost important tight budget. How far is that true? We puzzle? Eat junk food like instant noodles with enhanced favor, fry egg and soft drink instead of mineral water or fruit juice? Surprisingly, the diabetics and hypertension suffer gradually knocking at their door.

Therefore, closely examined, the Malaysian demographic depicted young suffer from 30+, which was unknown in the last century. Honestly speaking, how many Malaysians have their yearly completed medical checkup? Toast off to you, if you have a clean report, otherwise, you are an insurable or substandard risk with premium loading.

Why Life Insurance, Prospect Avoid you like Plague?

Life Insurance Cover for Money Printing Machine
Why Life Insurance, Prospect Avoid you like Plague?
Printing US dollar banknotes (100 dollar bill sheet).

An unpredictable human being, in order to understand insurance, might take ages. They insured their movable assets like an automobile, exclusive motorcycle, extensive renovation home, camera, and household contents.

Surprisingly, they insured even pets for fury animals including the kernel, but no insurance for themselves. Rampantly road accidents and armed robbery daily affair, they often pray hard nothing would befall on them. Moreover, no one can predict when you are imminently sick or bedridden or walk on the clutches. Yet, there is no insurance to cover for the machine that prints money for you, that is your body. Gradually, overuse due to wear and tear a machinery breakdown; likewise, it is the same for your body. Consequently, a fatality occurs or lying motionlessly on the hospital bed.

Negative Perceptions

Crowded coffee kiosk, two middle-aged customers sat in between a young man, an insurance agent.

“I lament you not buy any insurance as my neighbor’s son hospitalization for a week in a private hospital, the insurer denied his claim”
“Why” another probed further.
“I do not know the reason for the rejection, initially the agent helped to claim, eventually the agent also unreachable “
“Yes, truly say, the agent and the insurer are the legal license conmen, promise you the sky, finally you get a barren hope.”

“Sorry, young man, I need to consult my spouse before making the decision from buying your investment-linked proposal” Another elderly prospect consoled the dynamic agent.

“Yes, it is alright to reconsider about it, please don’t hesitate to call me for any doubt clarifications” the agent replies politely.

Thus one rejected claim would eventually rumor spreading fast like wildfire.

The truth reveals

Occasionally, the half-baked agent would request the assured to sign on the dotted line without filling the medical history. In order to get prompt approval, the agent ticked all NO in the column even though assured mentioned has hypertension and on long-term medication. Whose fault? It is the Assured himself as he does not know anything when he blindly signed the dotted line on the proposal form. The former kleptocrat Prime Minister Najib Razak is a shining example.

Assured’s moral hazard

I did help to claim a case rejected by the insurer. Finally, to my dismay, I obtained a hospital report that assured did a kidney stone removal in a government hospital. When asked by the agent any operation done in the past. He negatively answered NO. Consequently, the insurer denied its liability for his claim on kidney dialysis.

Another case on hypertension question, nevertheless, assured answered negatively despite the fact of having daily oral medication. Eventually, the claim often denied by the insurer when a claim on stroke or kidney failure on the later stage.

Why Life Insurance, Prospect Avoid you like Plague?

Utmost good faith on Life Insurance

Utmost good faith is one of 4 principles governed by the rule of the insurance law. It is a legal binding between the assured and insurer when entered into an insurance contract. The assured disclose all the relevant material facts to the prudent underwriter in determining to reject or accept the offer. Whether the assured know or unaware of the health condition, you need to disclose to the insurer. So, sincere advice bares all the facts to the insurer to avoid future disputes on claim matter.

No Dependent

Generally speaking, couldn’t care less is the altitude of most of the y generation. Chase after the latest trendy iPhone gadget every six months. Moreover, priority on holiday, pay later for the credit card payment. Buy Life insurance? Why need it, I have no dependent is a tangentially reply? Single with no string attached, without any family commitment, no parent, no sibling, living on own world, why care! Having said that, what about your final funeral expense consequently let the government take care of burial, or leave the corpse to decay on the road or hospital? Perhaps, perform a unique Tibetan “sky burial” let the eagle devour on your corpse.

Notwithstanding, if you have a grey hair retired parent, it isn’t a double pain for them. Losing one child, and the final expenses, ritual prayer, and burial ground to pay for? Unfortunately, the doctor confirmed you as total permanent disability, aren’t a pain in the neck hiring a nurse or long-term nursing for you. Conversely, put you in the nursing home, who pays for maintained expenses?


Why Life Insurance, Prospect Avoid you like Plague?

No money is just a lame excuse to put off for the newbie’s advisor. Regardless single or a young married couple is a norm form of getting rid of intermediary. Or postponed, the chance is they procrastinate for a few more years. Luckily, the body has no red alerts for silence sickness. Meet a car accident, then you want to cover your car for a comprehensive term, do you think insurance company run on charity and accept your offer. Blatantly, the insurer you turn down your offer. But in the true fact, the majority of the insured have this kind of weird idea. I have stumbled across a few incidents like this before during my 25 years in the insurance industry. Does the insurer run on charity? Please answer.

Time and Tide wait for no man

Overall, we aged with the erosion of time, coupling with consumption of highly toxin junk food daily intakes. No wonder primary school going kid had undergone kidney dialysis at the public hospital. A normal phenomenon is today’s society with a stressful lifestyle chasing after material gains. The insurance premium gradually rises accordingly to your age. Not only the higher premium pay but also lower the sum insured if we compared a lad aged 20 and another 30 years old adult. As we age, we are prone to illness due to our sluggish immune system.
In brief, please buy insurance when you are in your youthful vigorous year to save cheaper premiums with a higher sum insured. You can even apply for term insurance for a 10 years gap band.

Jargon wording with length sentence

How many lawyers and layman can you consult and understand and interpreting sentence by sentence in the insurance policy? Nobody trained in all fields; therefore no one is an all-rounder in this world. Diligently consult your agent or even bring the policy to the insurer for a full explanation. Closely examine the following point, you would face difficulty in handle a claim in the near future.

Exclusion Clause

In this column all the sickness or any circumstances relevant contradicted to the policy, the insurer would deny its liability. For instance, commit suicide within certain years or claim on pre-existing illness know to the insured. Please highlight to the assured when delivery the policy for acknowledgment of the receiving the policy. Do not conceal the fact, it is better to avoid short-term pain rather finger pointed out how irresponsibility of the consultant.

Inception Date

The policy enforced with the date clearly printed out and the expired date of the policy. Commencing date is of utmost importance in the case of medical or 36 critical dreaded disease claims. Never overlook it. Frequently, assured would hospitalize for an illness, and bravely ignorance the waiting period. Subsequently, no entertainment of the claim, the assured would spread the rumor that insurer selling a scam policy, even though the default lies with assured. Sabotage the agent, branded you feckless advisor, and tarnished your name.

The schedule

In this schedule, your name and identity card number should spell accordingly to your national identity card. Correct the error immediately should you spot a mistake. Thereby, the insurer has no leeway to deny your future claim. Do not give the underwriter a chance for your consumer’s rightfulness claim.

Highlight the type of coverage, whole life, endowment, term or investment link or purely medical card policy. You need to aware of the total permanent disability, 36 critical illnesses, and waiver of premium due to dreaded disease or the payor. Any hospitalization benefit per day, woman disease and pregnancy admission specified according to your signed proposal form. Scan any deviation, informed the agent in a written form and ensure the insurer to pass endorsement accordingly. Finally, you made a note of the sum insured in the schedule.

Stated policy Number in the claim form

Stated the policy number in the policy for convenient correspondence with the insurer claim, when ledge a claim in the future or an endorsement. How much premium you have to pay? Assured need to warn adjusted premium during the duration the whole validity of the cover, not to forget if the medical card guarantee renewal clearly stated.

Buy peace of mind coverage

Why splurge an exotic meal under the candlelight dinner or exorbitant family oversea excursion. Or perhaps the endless chasing the ever change the latest gadget every six months. Why not paused and think for your loved one when one day you lose your way home? Get a policy coverage that ensures all the financial constraints would not befall the ongoing family.

Your Thoughts

As usual, I would love to hear any thoughts or questions that you have in the comments section below.

One Nation Different States Tax Varies

One Nation Different States Tax Varies

One Nation Different States Tax Varies.  A tales of two cities.

I live in Johor state after returning from my oversea tertiary education. I work in Johor trough out my working life with a short stint in Singapore. After married, I often travel to Kuching, my wife hometown.  There is where my culture shock began.

Transport charges

My wife bought her first home need extensive renovation at the front car porch. Off we went to the hardware shop dealing with ceramic tile. After an hour viewing and selection, we finally settled for tile costing more than RM2,000.00

” Boss, There is an RM50.00 transport charge that you need to pay.” the sweet damsel told us.

” Wh…at! Why? We brought over RM2,000.00 worth of tiles, there is no such practice in Johor, moreover, the distance between here and to our house is merely 5 kilometers away. You cut throat ” I probed.

” It is standard practice here. No transport charges, no delivery, our business is still very good, Look at the crowd of buyers outside.” she cockily answered me.

Now, I understand why my fifth brother built a Japenses factory shipped all the building material from Johor. The houses here have very low ceiling regardless the types of house, be it bungalow or low- cost house. I hardly seeing a house built by the developer has a 15 ft high ceiling. 

I questioned my brother-in-law about this issue. He advises not to compare with Johor with a question mark?


We were busily cooking our meal one day, the gas had finished. I called the gas delivery man to send me two cylinders of gas.

” OK. no problem, but you need to pay RM200.00 for the deposit of the new cylinder gas tank” the boss briefed me over the phone.

” Why RM200.00 for the deposit, not RM80.00 in West Malaysia, moreover, the gas is a control item in Malaysia” I questioned him. 

” Then you wait for RM200.00 drop to Rm80.00.” He told me off.

Identity issue.

I am Johorean, each time at the arrival hall at the Kuching International Airport, I need to go the immigration counter.  I need to sign a small note of paper, keep it safely, present to them after leaving the Sarawak, but there is no such issue when East Malaysian entered West Malaysia.

Once I questioned about it.  

” Inilah procedure, jangan tanya saya kenapa. Tanya orang di atas” the muka asam immigration ooficer answered me like that.

East Malaysia has joined the Federal on 16 Sept 1963, I just don’t under why such an issue exists until today. 

Can anyone know the true answer?

One Nation Different States Tax Varies. A tales of two states

No House Assessment

During my trip back to Kuching to celebrate Chinese New Year with my wife’s sibling. We went to the land surveyor office to pay the house assessment which is due soon in May 2017.

” I am here to pay the house assessment” I politely told the smiling face cashier at the counter.

” Sir, Good afternoon, there is is no more house assessment since July 2016. It has been abolished. The commercial lot only need to pay” she told me with her warmth smile.

We went off smiling ear to ear.

No Land Tax

My son and I went to the Kota Samarahan to pay the land tax for a small piece of agriculture land.

” Sir, this is the identity card, I would like to check how much I have to pay for the ‘Cukai Tanah?” He asked.

After a few minutes after checking with the computer system, there is no outstanding. He briefed us, “you don’t have to any the land tax from January 2016 onward.”

We could not believe what he said.

” Yes, sir, it has been abolished by the late Tan Sri Adenan Satem since 2016. Another Ang Pao for us in this 2017 Rooster Year. I really pay through my nose for land tax and house assessment in Johor for a few thousand ringgit a year.

We have a hard time in the high cost of living in Malaysia, where everything goes up, never comes down the only exception Malaysia  Ringgit down more than 30% against US$ since last year.

A poem to console me before I can retire to bed tonight.


Last year, Cooking Oil Up

Recently, fuel 20 cents up 

Grocery bill goes up

Petrol bill also goes up 

My Goreng Pisang also up

Mama Mee Goreng also up 

Malay Nasi Goreng Kampung also up

Chinese Kung Fu noodle also up

Harga Kangkong pun Naik

Gaji x Naik

But my “Kepala Angin” naik

Then my doctor fee also Naik.

Only Malaysian Ringgit RM is down.



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Kluang Famous Hot Spicy Botak’s Curry Mee

Kluang Famous Hot Spicy Botak's Curry Mee

What is Curry Mee ?

Malaysian and Singapore are famous for a unique signature  dish called curry mee. It is a cuisine heavily fusion of the Chinese and Indian influence.  The Chinese and Indian migrated to then Malaya to work in tin mining and rubber plantation sector respectively during the early 19-century era.  

It is made up of thin yellow noodle or and mee hoon (rice vermicelli withy spicy curry soup, sambal chili, and coconut satan. With a variety of choice like dried tofu, chicken, prawn, cuttlefish, egg,  cockle and  bean sprout. 

In  southern Malaysia and Singapore, it is called “curry laksa”  It is a cross between the Singapore laksa and a spicy variation of the mee rebus (an Indonesian noodle dish with yellow noodles).

Malaysians returning home from overseas, after home cooking, would head for their favorite hawkers to relive the taste of long missed  spicy foods.

Kluang Famous Hot Spicy Botak’s Curry Mee

Botak’s curry mee, inheritance with over 3 generation with a span of 60 years,  It’s loyalty  customers  spread across the global besides, the Malaysian patron and the local folks.

Ground Spices

The curry soup uses ground spices. The tasty and mildly spicy smooth curry has a pleasant slight grainy feel from the ground spices. Less oily due to  lesser use of coconut satan in the preparation. It is more healthy comparing with local other curry mee stall which is heavily reliant on coconut for flavor.

Sambal Chili 

Curry mee would not you do not try the sambal chili , it is free self- services adding in a small plastic plate .  You can add any amount depending individual taste bud.  Made from fresh chili and fried in oil, it is spicy and adds oomph to the curry for those who prefer their curry extra hot. This sambal chili is so yummy .

“Boss, Can I packed RM10.00 for the sambal chili?”

“Sure, you can, where are you people coming from?” He asked us.

” I am local, these two gentlemen are from Perth , Australia another two gentlemen are  from Kuching, Sarawak, ” I replied.

” Ohh, with his unbelievable look. 

The delicious looking bowl of curry noodle topped with bean sprouts, char siew, cockles, fish cake, pork skin etc. It rare people use the pork skin on curry noodles.  The tasteless pork skin when soaked up the curry like a sponge. The curry is the main star in Botak curry mee.  

“Boss, give me another bowl of rice vermicelli with an additional portion of cockle.” shout from another table.

It was hot  sundry afternoon, the fan was orbited with the mixture of the smelly customer’s perspiration and the aromatic smell of the curry soup. Nobody seems to bother about it, keep devour on the hot curry mee. 

Botak’s Kampung Paya shop showcases.  

 The  unique funny looking table with cement leg.  It was a collection ex- flooding recycle material. The owner’s love for liquor and alcohol is apparent by his collection of alcohol bottles lined up against the walls. The colorful psychedelic ceilings were quite a change. 

Why Botak Curry Mee?

Its name originated from the earlier generation, present owner’s   grandfather was a bald man! But the grandson who is manning the stall only had short, cropped hair. There are 2 stalls, brother, and sister taking care of their own respective stalls. 

Son’s address: Jalan Paya 2, Kampung Paya, Kluang

GPS: 2.040879,103.334977

Daughter’s address: Jalan Panggung, Kampung Masjid Lama, Kluang (Mengkibol River Hawker Centre) 

GPS: 2.029777,103.320971

Hours: 7:00am to 5:00pm

Hainanese’s Tranditional Way of Making Aromatic Fresh Coffee Bean

Hainanese's Traditional Way of Making Aromatic Fresh Coffee Bean

Hainanese’s  Traditional Way of Making Aromatic Fresh Coffee Bean

Coffee, the miraculous brew that gives our mornings the extra kick we require to last throughout the day. With an ever popular coffee culture on the rise, it is amazing to realize Kluang is a heritage town since earlier 1900 era.

Learn How to Make fresh Coffee Bean The Hainanese’s Traditional way 

First, a Roaster  roasted the green bean. One needs the experience and expertise to roast coffee traditional coffee. The duration of time to roast the coffee bean is about estimation.

The Hainanese will NEVER reveal their trade secret how to make the perfect aromatic coffee bean to the public no matter how I trick him several times. You listen for the sound when you roast the beans. During the first crack, you will hear popping sounds like firecrackers. When the second crack happens, it is a louder, more insistent firecracker sound, then you know it is already roasted.

A large mixing wok where Foreigner  especially the young Bangladesh  workers mix the roasted bean with margarine and sugar.

“Why Bangladesh , not Malaysian workers?’

“Ai you, you don’t may, Malaysian where can stand the heat and hot plus dark dirty working area.  Here , no air-con, local people see “terus cabur” he answered with local slag  Malaysian English.

“What is the ratio for the coffee bean with margarine and sugar” I probed further.

“Sorry lah, it is a trade secret!” He annoyed with my question.

After this process, Another machine is used the dry the coffee bean.  At this point, the coffee beans are in clumps due to the mixture of  margarine and sugar.

A customised designed  machine is used to the clumps. The final step is optional, grind the beans or not. Most of the delighted customers prefer to grind the coffee beans right under their nose to determine the freshness of the coffee powder.

Roasting traditional local coffee is a tough job because of the smoke and the heat.

Why Hainanese Makes the Best Coffee 

There is saying among the local people.

If one day in the morning, the Hainanese don’t drink a cuppa , they go “gila“.  It means go crazy.

Hainan coffee, called “kopi,” is for some an acquired taste. Made by pouring boiling water through grounds held in a cloth “sock” filter. It has a thick, strong and bitter taste . It is drunk hot or iced, usually mellowed with sweetened condensed milk. Served along  “Western” dishes like toast and eggs, and Malaysian standards such as fried rice and noodles and the famous local dish “Nasi Lemak” wrapping in the freshly cut banana leaf. Not to miss the slice of bread , wholemeal or Hainan’s Bread is charcoal-grilled toast with butter and kaya, a coconut jam.

Liberica coffee, a variety native to Africa finds it way to the small holder in mostly in the central and southern states of Selangor and Johor in 1800.  It is inferior and cheap quality, the Hainanese adding margarine and sugar to the coffee bean to give a disguise and uniqueness taste.  The coffee bean  has the distinctive burnt flavor.

Do you agreed with me, the Hainanese take to pain to make a cuppa welcoming the day. ? Your opinions and comments are welcomed.


Kopi:  A cup of hot coffee with sweetened condensed milk

Kopi O:  with sugar only

Kopi kosong:  hot coffee with no sugar and no milk

Kopi C: A cuppa with evaporated milk and sugar.

Kopi C Kosong: coffee with evaporated milk and NO sugar.

Kopi camp: A mixture of coffee with tea and sweetened condensed milk.

“Peng” added to any of the above will get you the said version in a glass, over ice.

“Kaow” added to any of the above will get you an extra strong cup (or glass).


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